Did this not bug anyone else?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. The Ray/Park segment. Ray calls out Park from the crowd who looks scares shitless, Ray torments him playing psychological games to anger Park enough to fight him, then he finally gets in the ring to fight Ray drops to the floor pleading and threatening a law case if they fight making him look stupidly retarded, then he leaves and demands they fight at Slammiversery.

    It was just anti-climatic for their announcement of the fight. Joe (imo) should be going in as the underdog. Ray looks completely stupid and the fans intelligence is surely mocked? Sure it's the typical heel thing but thinking as a casual it just doesn't make sense.
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  2. [size=x-large]too much fucking lawyer stuff in wrestling.

    i was like wtf when ray was acting like a wuss. he calls him out of the crowd all tough and then becomes a complete coward. more annoying than paul heyman going 'what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing' over and over again in a high pitched voice lol.
  3. I thought it was fine. Ray was screwing with his mind.

    -Calls him out
    -Park is scared
    -Park doesn't want to fight
    -Ray says he was in fact behind Abyss's disappearance after all (shocking)
    -Park suddenly musters up the courage to fight for revenge
    -Bully flip flops and doesn't want to fight (because he's the bully.. he only wanted to fight when Park was scared. The cliche is if you stand up to the Bully they back down)

    The only thing I might have changed is to have Park call out Ray for the match instead of Bully calling out Park. Still thoroughly enjoyed the segment because Bully is hilarious and Park's facial expressions/mannerisms are the best thing going
  4. I doubt that methodology is used with casuals... it hardly makes sense now imo. I mean I like the feud, I love the promos, but the content in this one was just wrong. He's a lawyer (kayfabe) and Bully is a big tough multi tag-team champion experienced wrestler. It just irritates me personally. Park calling Bully out, Ray accepting and being cocky and then inevitably jobbing is much better than this imo.
  5. Ray jobbing? This is one match I think he will actually win. I picture this being a one sided beating with Park displaying a lot of heart, but eventually the onslaught becomes too much for him to handle.

    Maybe I'm wrong though
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