Did TNA drop the ball with Morgan?

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  1. A guy his size with his mic ability and athleticism is a great asset imo, and he seemed certain to get a world title reign. I think that's why he resigned with TNA wasn't it? Either way, he's gone now, and how do you feel about that? Could he have been a massive star? Does it make you sick that he's unemployed and Chavo isn't?
  2. Big time. I'm really gutted, he could of been one of greatest heel champions, up there with Roode and Bully.
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  3. They've dropped the ball on him plenty of times.

    - 2009: wrestles a classic match Kurt Angle @ BFG that really put him on the map. Later, he went on to form a tag team with Hernandez to feud with nobodies
    - 2010: after splitting from Hernandez, he has a great heel character, and they didn't capitalize on it enough
    - 2011: won a feud over Hernandez. Won a feud over Scott Steiner. But he gets injured 2 months later, and after he comes back they form a team of him and Crimson
    - 2012: instead of going over Crimson in their feud and winning the BFGS or something worthy, they book him to lose a feud to Crimson. He comes back @ BFG looking like a God, ready for mega push.
    - 2013: things were looking good, but we all know what happened *coughStingcough*

    Enough said. Shame on you TNA. The only thing they've ever done good with him is have him become the first ever Ring Ka King champion. They guy could've been a massive star for TNA.
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  4. I don't think Morgan should of went over Crimson. That was a good decision, but horribly executed.
    Just thinking, it was only last year when Morgan and Crimson won the tag belts, I was marking so much at that, loved it. Now here we are, both guys are gone.
    Maybe it's just me, but I think we are witnessing the death of TNA. Budget cutting is being done wrong, how long before they cut someone on creative and the storylines go to shit?
    They've made a mockery of themselves with Gutcheck too.
    I'm not sure how financially unstable they are, but it's really harming them.
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  5. On-screen, they're consistently good. Off-screen, the guys who run TNA, they're absolutely horrible. Some of the decisions they make infuriate passionate TNA fans who pour their money into a company they want to vibrantly succeed.
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  6. As much as you see morons say "TNA's on the fasttrack to dying", totally agree with this. First time I've feared for this company after the embarrassing things they've done lately.
    With creative, they've lost over 35% of their audience in the last few years and I'm seeing more criticism of the company than ever. Going on the road has really hurt the business.
    Clearly there are plenty of things that aren't working, unfortunately they cut several people who were. Crimson is a star. Joey Ryan is really entertaining, and the way they dropped the ball with Morgan over and over is certainly terrible. He stood out like a much bigger star than how he was treated.

    Said before that it was good that he was cut since he's been booked into being a mid-carder for life, but keeping him over guys like Chavo, Knux, and especially Rob Terry... are you kidding me? Heard reports that they were planning on having Morgan win the inaugural BFG Series, and that's when he got hurt. If so that's really a shame.
  7. Yes they did, and countless times they have. They could have had him in the Bound for Glory series this year, they could have had him be the one who ends Sting world title shots and went against Bully Ray, and just so many things. He is very talented, and TNA just didn't give him his chance. The company is making shit decisions, and it's just stupid. Let's cut Joey Ryan, Crimson, and not help Zema Ion out, instead let's get a washed up legend who makes over 20k in one single appearance, let's get some WWE rejects, let's get the extreme super duper awesomey full of charisma Jeff Harvey, and other WWE guys instead of keeping our awesome talent WWE hasn't touched yet. While we're at it, let's even get this wonderful woman, Brooke Hogan, and throw more cash at her.
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  8. Hell yes they did. He would have been PERFECT to take over for sting multiple times, but instead was booted off tv for weeks only to return to job for the #1 contenders match, and hasnt been seen since. Morgan >>>>>>>> Sting > Hogan. They fucked Ryan up with this deal (who was way over) and Morgan (who was pushed like a monster for a couple of weeks, great promos, him vs hogan was looking imminent) and instead we get Sting shoved down our throats. That was the worst match of the show, and if you take away the piledrivers, was one of the shittiest booked matches ever (he went over how many aces and 8s before getting crushed by a hammer)

    I am bitter as fuck about how this turned out, honestly. A great example of TNA dropping the ball in favor of "the old guys" who "draw ratings" instead of building an elite group of people who can be around for the next decade. I love TNA's product for the most part, but anything involving sting, hogan, and to a point even angle (Logic = angle wins) just annoys the fuck out of me. I wish they would RVD their way back to WWE.
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  9. Everyone is telling me that Matt Morgan is gonna go to WWE. Honestly the people that told me that can go suck a dick. Matt Morgan isn't gonna join WWE. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

    They REALLY did drop the ball. Honestly I have always enjoyed Matt Morgan and I never thought that he would be released. I actually got him in a Fantasy Wrestling League thinking that he would do something big. But obviously TNA let me down.......I was honestly about to rewatch TNA (Just for Aries cuz I'm an Aries mark). The first time I stopped watching was like 2008 and then I came back once I heard Brian Cage was going to TNA. I had no idea what a Gut Check was when he did it. I got super pissed that he didn't accepted so I left TNA forever.

  10. #FuckTNA? :gtfo: the section then?? #Fuckhogan maybe, but there is still a way better product. If you post in this section you haven't left it yet. Peace.
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  11. At this point, I honestly wouldn't even say Fuck Hogan. Unless we're speaking of Brooke.
  12. Oh, yeah they did. I started watching TNA in late 2012, the first I saw of Morgan when watching TNA full time was him returning at BFG. The guy looked great, was working well, had a good angle behind him, then he's never on TV, and when he finally shows up he jobs to Sting clean. Good grief. Then he isn't put in a BFG Series which Hernandez is a part of. I mean, come on. I can't say anything for the other times but this run in 12-13 in itself was pathetic.
  13. Nah, don't think so. He sucks and they just had to cut that overrated oversized scrub and move on.

    Shrewd business move, but they had to protect their more valuable assets like Christy Hemme or Sting
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  14. TNA has dropped the ball with lots of people lately, in my opinion. I hate the way they handled Morgan and don't blame him for wanting to be released in light of all that. With Gut Check becoming a joke, multiple talent being released, payments to wrestlers being delayed and all this news of them seeming to be in financial trouble, I really worry for them. I've become a huge TNA fan, so I can only hope they have big improvements soon to keep the product going and keep their fan-base.
  15. Yes they did, but its not a mistake that will bite them years from now. I'd equate it to WWE losing Randy Orton. Sure he has the potential to be a big name, but Matt Morgan is not someone who would carry the company over the hump.

  16. ... I'm genuinely trying to think of a reason why the 'E, known for wanting 7 ft mastodons, wouldn't want a 7 ft mastodon.

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    just wanted to get that off my chest
  17. he was an asshole to deal with backstage. He will be back, plan on that shit. He looks/sounds 10x better now.
  18. Never liked the dude. He can't take criticism at all, and I don't think there is anything special about him.
  19. If by droped the ball you mean dropping the ball and kicking it over the fence, then yeah! Morgan is a great talent who could still be a huge deal, The reason TNA didn't pull the trigger with him....god only knows!
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