Did WWE 'Big Show' the Road to Wrestlemania?

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  1. I think they did. The card itself should prove to be entertaining, but overall it's been a bad build. The positives IMO were few and far between.
  2. ???????? Are u taking about Big Show or WM28 as being build as the "Big Show"?
  3. Not sure if you've seen Raw but Rhodes cut a promo speaking about Big Show's wrestlemania record then said that to do a "Big Show" is to mess up basically.
  4. U know Big Show going win right?
  5. Not the point at all, it was a promo based upon his past record not my opinion.
  6. Sigh. Why are u in a wrestling forum if you don't watch or understand? Is it the rights on the guys?
  7. oh? He won at WM before but both were in Tag Matchest! The way Cody has had the up hand tell me Cody will lose.

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    Savage. Watch the Cody Rhodes promo on raw. Then get back to is
  9. I agree with you.
    The Rock and John Cena match was built for 1 year and it still wasn't that good.
    I expected more from Punk and Jericho in promo wars.
    The Undertaker Vs. HHH Promo's were pretty good but not needed after he accepted the match
    Daniel Bryan just talked about AJ rather than the actual match at Wrestlemania.
  10. Agreed. The build has been poor on all matches, yes, even the glamorous matches of BigNose vs LongEntrance and Cena/Rock. The best build has been Jericho vs Punk but you can argue they gave them the worse segment time and potential build. They had one face to face, 1 tag-team match, and 3 backstage promos from Jericho... yet they've made it the best feud going into WM 28, shows how good they are but more importantly how crap creative are.

    Rock/Cena was saved last night, finally a good promo. Should have done that weeks ago.
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  12. He didn't mean it to cause offence rather pointing out you'd understand the term "pulling a big show" if you watched the segment again.
  13. Rhodes was epic last night. He was better than literally every star on the show apart from Rock/Cena/Jericho. He needs to be on RAW permanently.
  14. He has to lose the title and be draft to Raw for that do have been!
  15. Doesn't have to lose the title at all. IC title can just go on RAW and US can move to SmackDown.
  16. yet but WWE will not do that! That want the US title on Raw and the IC on Raw for some odd reason?
  17. Meh. Rhodes can lose at Mania to Big Slow, doesn't bother me as long as he's put in a decent story-line after.
  18. Personally hoping that Cody gets the win a Wrestlemania but Big Show wins in a rematch at Extreme rules - meaning Cody can go on to bigger things (not literally).
  19. #specialneeds......

    Please define triller for me! And you still haven't answered my challenge.

    TNA one year.

  20. Yeah I'd like that to be honest. they done that with Rey, but Rey has never had issues putting people over. Let's hope Big Squash doesn't.
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