Did WWE mess up Jericho's last run?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. Many (including me) were anticipating Chris Jericho's return at the beginning of the year..

    Especially after the great videos that were shown on RAW weeks before his return, about the end of the world as we know it, and the girl that controls him....etc

    But seriously, I think they messed up big time, they put him in a losing streak, while he should have won the RR match.

    I really wanted him to win the Rumble, instead he was eliminated by Sheamus, and at the EC I really thought he would win, but he didn't...

    At WM, I thought it was the time for him to the title from Punk, but they book him to loss again and via tap out.

    His run really was supposed to be better than this as he deserves better.

    He only won a PPV match against Dolph, which is a clear awful booking because imo it was the only match that he should have lost at. :sad:
  2. :yes: as a jerichoholic i was pumped to see him put over Punk, but expected him to put over other wrestlers all the same, and let it be. He wasnt coming back to win a title from some asshole like cena, in fact i dont care if he wins or loses, as long as he gets on the mic and does damage.

    Y2J should have put over DZ even more.
  3. He did his job and put over Punk and Ziggs whilst cutting some enjoyable promos and matches, it's how they should use older guys so I can't hate it looking back (did at the time because I basically bleed Jericahol)
  4. This must make me "a seabs guy"
  5. If he didnt have a Fall tour booked with Fozzy, I think he might have beaten Punk at some point. Considering he was around for a relatively short amount of time, he put over who needed to be put over, Ziggler.
  6. He served his purpose but it was done poorly, so yes.
  7. He should have won the title at WM and drop it back to Punk at ER, Punk winning both was just stupid imo.

    Plus, Ziggler should have won at SS.:sad1:
  8. Re: RE: Did WWE mess up Jericho's last run?

    Why end Punks run though? They possibly had this clash with Rock penciled in for a while and that would have cut his reign in half for a month long Jericho reign.
  9. Do you think they had it planned for him to hold it for this long? I personally think they didn't. Having him as a face at the time, lose to, then regain from Jericho would've been exciting to watch.
  10. Re: RE: Did WWE mess up Jericho's last run?

    I can't confirm that they did or did not but with hindsight Punk keeping it was the correct choice.
  11. It was mainly Jericho's fault. He himself prefers putting over others so him losing all the time was his preference because he thinks he's at the point where wins and losses won't affect him at all anyway. I did think him beating Punk at Wrestlemania would have been nice, because it would have made Punk hit 'rock bottom' in Jericho's mind (remember Jericho was tormenting him by saying he would turn to alcohol just like his father did, and beating him for the belt might have pushed him closer to that), only for Punk to regain his stature and beat Jericho for the belt at ER. But considering Punk's now record breaking title reign, I'm glad it didn't happen.

    I still think his return was underwhelming, but I think it was mainly that I've seen pretty much all of Jericho I need to see and there's little to nothing he can do with anyone now that I don't think I haven't seen before anyway, so there wasn't a whole lot of excitement from me for his return anyway.
  12. Yeah, it wasn't as good as it should've been. My main complaint was that he should've won at ER, but since Punk's reign ended up this long it was for the best in the end. I also think his feud vs Ziggler could've been a bit better.
  13. The only thing I fully agree with is the waste of the good vignettes. I mean those vignettes were really freaking awesome & I had no idea as to who it would be until it was reported that Jericho was in the city that Raw was in that night. Then he came out and did the epic jeritrolling which was a bitch. I don't think having him lose to the younger guys was a bad thing especially if he was going to be short term. I might have had him winning a lot more matches on Raw to balance that out, because he looked sort of like a glorified jobber, but other than that him losing to put over new talent wasn't so bad.
  14. Kind of, yeah. Well, I don't think it was concrete or anything, but I definitely believe they had planned Punk having quite a long reign for quite some time and eventually they decided to keep it on him until the Rumble. Because firstly, around the time he won, probably a few weeks or months after (but Punk was definitely keeping it to Mania) the reports of longer championships reigns being the direction WWE is heading began surfacing. Granted that not only could've been BS but I could totally be getting the time they surfaced wrong. Secondly, Punk, being the last guy to break through to the media for WWE in years and even topped Cena in merchandise sales (at one point, doubt it's the case now), it was obvious they were going to give him a respectable reign . . . when they finally gave him one. The fact of how much the cock-teased him actually winning and keeping the belt was a dead give-a-way for me that when he did win it and they'd let him keep it, it was going to be a long one. I mean, that just make sense from a narrative point of view, and yeah I'm giving WWE a lot of credit here but whatever. Finally, there really was nobody else to beat Punk. Jericho didn't want to and even so his reign would've been a transitional one and one between two Punk reigns at that which would've just been a stupid move in my opinion doing more good than harm. Bryan? Don't make me laugh. I love the guy, don't get me wrong, but there was like no chance WWE was actually going to give him the belt at that time. Really that leaves just Cena but by the point Cena was free, they've already decided on Rock/Punk so for the most part, I think it was planned. Mostly in the way that they weren't setting Punk up for any feuds that he actually had a legitimate chance of losing the belt too.

    As for the topic on hand, do I think WWE messed up Jericho's last run? Nope, I loved his last run. The "End Of The World" promos leading up to his return where absolutely incredibly. One of the coolest things WWE have ever produced. I mean, yeah I had almost no doubt that it was Jericho (the only doubt I had was that WWE might switch who the vignettes were intended for to swerve us despite being created for Jericho - but that was incredibly small doubt), which I guess is a knock against it but meh. Fantastic feud with Punk, even if it started slightly rocky. I loved their Extreme Rules bout and as I've already stated, him winning the belt from Punk would've been stupid since he'd just have to lose it back to him soon and I can't see how that does anyone any good. The not talking thing at the beginning of his run was genius too. Finally, while I actually stopped watching after Extreme Rules more or less, thus missing most of his run, from what I've seen afterwards it was still quality stuff. But then again, I didn't want Jericho back because I wanted to see him win championships and relive his glory days, I wanted Jericho back because he delivers great matches and promos consistently and I felt he accomplished just that.


    Correction time! I didn't really stop watching WWE after Extreme Rules but I stopped watching PPV's and since a bulk of Jericho's feuds past Extreme Rules took place on Smackdown! (the WHC stuff did anyway) I missed most of the run due to that. I stopped watching completely after the 1004th show.
  15. They had him win at the PPV and then lose on Raw....Id have had him lose at the PPV for the contract, and then on raw, say goodbye,do his little codebreaker routine( Ziggler over-sells the hell out of it) and we're all happy. Making him lose on Raw for his contract was a head scratcher for me.
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