Did WWE retire the World title on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jul 16, 2014.

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  1. Source: Inquisitr

    I hope not, that was my favorite title.:downer:
  2. Something else is different on wwe.com as well that I noticed and never saw before... the roster is split into RAW and Smackdown with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and Divas Champion listed under RAW and the US Champion and Tag Team Champions listed under Smackdown... Could WHC be added to Smackdown soon? Could they be splitting the titles and getting ready for a brand split?
  3. roster seems thinner than ever. what a dumb time for a brand split lol
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  4. Don't agree with the author of the piece. One title is preferable. If you like the big gold belt, have that be the only title.
    Frankly, that design belt is older than dirt. There is no rule condemning them for bringing the belt back or even doing another brand split.

    The roster simply isn't strong enough. HHH is pushing the superstars he wants to push and everyone else is filler. Before long Cena may reduce to part time and Bryan's status is up in the air. Kane, Big Show and Mark Henry are granted time off upon request it seems which basically leaves Orton. His contract ends in 2018.

    It's doable without the big gold belt. The IC belt isn't low rate and not everybody can or should be wwe champion.
  5. I think it was just for the nostalgia pop. Whether they retire it or not the title doesn't seem to carry weight. Sure it looks cool, but good looking isn't the point of a title.

    Pertaining to the brand split. No, it won't happen. WWE split it's roster because it had over a hundred on air personalities that couldn't be booked correctly unless they had an exclusive spotlight (Rock, Austin, Angle, HHH, Jericho, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Hogan, Nash, Hall etc etc) Now the fact that they're releasing more talent and the titles seem to be at an all time low prestige level a brand split will won't happen until they have a major signing spree. RAW and SmackDown have been treated like shows rather than entities since 2012. Not to mention it would be a killer, financially. They're gonna need a good crop of writers exclusive to each show to make the shows equal in quality and more bargaining in the ratings aspect. Which we all know WWE can't do.
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  6. Meh, it was a good looking belt but nothing other than that. It's funny that they just randomly did it during an entrance if they're truly retiring it though lol
  7. Well..I think we all saw that coming..
    I mean you wouldn't expect the champions to walk around with 2 titles forever!
    It's just like what they did when they unified the titles the first time..
    For a period the champion will hold the 2 titles for a number of months but eventually they dropped the World Heavyweight Championship.
  8. They'll randomly give the title to Orton to generate heat at some point in the near future.
    Rinse, wash, repeat.
  9. Nope..that's not gonna happen.
    It's pointless.
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  10. I give it two years tops before it returns. Whether it's because they resurrect the brand split (probably not) or because they just randomly crown someone a new world champion (like Bischoff did with Hunter in 2002, or like The Duke Of Sorrow suggested they might do with Orton above), I can't help but think it'll make a comeback eventually. I kinda wish they never did the unification match last year (TLC 2013 bombed anyway) and just kept on booking the WHC as basically the "new" Intercontinental Title as they were doing anyway.
  11. Not if they want sales to go up like every time Orton is champ
  12. Well I was talking from a "good for business" perspective, but sure..it will never be pointless to give Cena or Orton a title from WWE creative perspective lol.
  13. giving the fan what they want ticks both boxes, at the end of the day
  14. It will happen, though I fail to see the significance of the WHC, at this point. As much as Triple H got the title over, initially, it eventually fell off.
    I'm led to one conclusion, the person who holds the title is most significant. HHH, Cena, Batista (by way of HHH), Kurt Angle and Dolph Ziggler (years later) were the only holders who truly brought the title to within earshot of the WWE championship.

    It is pointless, in a sense, if you bring it back and keep putting it on a 'phoning it in' Edge. Sorry, but Edge phoned in every WHC title reign except his last one. Undertaker couldn't reserrect it because his character is limited. The belt will be rendered meaningless of its name if you put it on someone whom the fans have a difficult time investing. Rey's booking really killed that title.
  15. It was already retired
  16. And they better keep this motherfucker retired. No need for another world title with an unified brand.
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  17. They can trash Smackdown while they're at it. (oops, too late)
  18. Remember back in 2002-2005 when the World Heavyweight title was actually more prestigious than the WWE Championship!
  19. Cena still had the belt last night, we're good for now
  20. No
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