Did WWE Waste Monday’s Shield Reunion?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. I am curious on your thoughts on this one. To me, something like this could have been saved and better used a while down the road. It would have made it a bigger deal. It almost feels like they resorted to that because they didn't know what else to do.
  2. It wasn't a Shield reunion. It was 3 guys teaming up to get more heat on Rollins i guess... It wasn't a waste because it's doubtful there will be a reunion with them down the line.. Not every great factions needs a reunion, they're not DX.

    A Shield reunion is just something the fans want to see, that's where the topic came from..They know it will likely never happen.
  3. Who's to say they would be a bigger deal even if they did reunite?
    Some of you marks overrate the Shield just a little bit. The WWE propaganda machine has really pulled the wool over some of you, for sure
    I enjoyed the Shield, don't be mistaken. They were good, very cohesive and great individual potential. I certainly wouldn't put them over as an all-time great faction.
    To answer the question more directly, the event was in Dallas (the home of Wrestlemania next year) so the company came out blazing.

    Rollins had a enough heat on him for dawging out HBK in his home state.
    I surmise that final segment was more about creating a bigger buzz around Roman Reigns and a possible Triple Threat at WM 32.
    In fact, Ambrose' initial insistence on wrestling a handicap match helped to establish him as a force to be reckoned with as well.

    I personally believe a WM 32 triple threat would be awkward, especially if they book the match the way I anticipate they will.
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  4. Yes. That, along with having the legends on the show seemed like a desperate ratings ploy.
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  5. I got the feeling they "backed up ten yards and punted" on putting Rollins in that match. Orton was supposed to be the third man in the match (because we haven't seen Reigns, Ambrose, and Orton against the Wyatts enough, right?) and Rollins just got stuck in there because they apparently couldn't find another main eventer not already booked in a match (so they used the WWE World Heavyweight Champ for a second time).

    In that sense, yes, it was wasted. Whether you're (generic you, not directed at anybody in particular) a fan of the Shield or not, a Shield reunion is something the fans want to see and, as long as Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose stay around the main event/upper midcard scene (which will probably be for a very long time, barring injuries and what-not), it's something the fans will continue to want to see. I think WWE should have found a way to keep from throwing it onto a random episode of Raw. It's something that could have been worth PPV buys (or views on the Network or what-have-you); instead, it's just a random match on a random show.

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  6. It's like it was a real reunion or anything. Ambrose and Reigns still hate Rollins' guts, and the three aren't all friends as a collective unit like they were back in the day. I saw it more as a subtle/not-so-subtle (depending on how you perceived it) hint that the three will be squaring off for the title in a triple-threat at Wrestlemania. I also viewed it as just more smug arrogance on Seth's part, being the self-proclaimed Architect of The Shield and the one of the three who was the world champion, he probably considered his duty to lead the team to victory.
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