WrestleMania Did you actually think that the undertaker was going to lose?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roi, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Is there any moment or opponent that you doubted about undertaker's streak.
    For example:"I thought Michaels at WM 26 was going to break the streak"
  2. The streak only started becoming a major, major deal at Wrestlemania 21, which was the first time it was made into a storyline heading into the show. I was 50/50 on Orton beating it that year and I'm glad he didn't. I wasn't watching in 2007 but when I heard of Batista fighting Undertaker, I figured there was a decent chance it could end (and since I was in an off period with wrestling and also liked Batista anyway, I couldn't care less if it did.) Never since then have I thought it had a plausible chance of ending.

    I knew Michaels wouldn't end it at WM26 because he's an established legend who had already lost and because he wasn't exactly making it a secret about retiring in print and radio interviews (though they could have been seriously swerving people with having him do that, but there had been rumors for a couple of years about him retiring soon anyway.)
  3. Orton was the only one I thought was going to do it, and like Lockard said that was at the beginning of his streak being talked about like it was a big deal. Since they've really been building it up I never thought HBK/HHH or any of his other recent challengers had a chance of beating him.
  4. I only think about that the firsts WM, after he get the 6-0 I thought WWE wanted to make a legacy and this year he won't lose
  5. I didnt watch wrestling during the AE so...when did the WWE actually realised that the Undertaker had that streak? I mean at what WM the started caring about the streak?
  6. It obviously wasn't planned from the beginning, but they started mentioning he was undefeated around 15 or so. I think they first called it a "streak" at WM17 and then Taker held up the ten fingers after defeating Ric Flair at WM18. And then, as previously mentioned, it was made into a storyline for his Randy Orton feud at WM21 and has been every year since.
  7. agreed. DAT Doom avatar bro.
  8. I thought Orton was going to break it. Young star and the future, why not?
  9. I've never once thought Undertaker was going to lose the streak but I've only been watching since 2006 so it's not really impressive. I suppose I entertained the idea of Batista winning more than the rest. And during the build of XXVI I recall trying to find merit in the theory that Shawn was winning but that was just because I wasn't ready to accept my favorite guy retiring and that theory ultimately went unfounded come PPV time. So, I never thought Undertaker was going to lose going into one of his Mania matches, but I sure did hope I suppose. The only time I was surprised at a Mania Taker match was during XXV when it didn't end when I thought it would (Shawn kicking out of the Tombstone).

    As a side story, watching it with people who do think he'll lose is hilarious and fun as hell. Watching WrestleMania XXVIII with my friend (who went in thinking Trips had no chance) and my dad (who admittedly just wanted Trips to win; and also bet me he would) was great. Watching both of their reactions (which were polar opposites) during the Superkick-Pedigree combo when they both thought Trips won was a laugh riot.
  10. Well it's generally upto him whether or not he loses at any point, but I'd say this year is probably the most likely chance of it happening. (Factoring in age and stuff) He's gotta be about due for retirement soon.
  11. It being so close to Wrestlemania 30 (can't see the streak not being apart of the big 30th anniversary WM) is exactly the reason I give Punk zero chance this year. If there's any Wrestlemania for Taker to retire at (win or lose), it's there next year.
  12. The only problem I see is if he gets Injured, then what would be the replacement match, I'm actually surprised he's at this Mania if i'm honest.

    I'd like to see him put Punk over this year, it would be a great achievement for him and would give Taker a reason to hang up the belt (so to speak) to retire into the HOF 20-1 at Wrestlemania. Which is still a great streak considering :pity:
  13. Then he'll just wait the next year when he's healthy. Punk won't beat the streak if he's leaving for a short time afterwards. I also see no way the streak is ending unless it's the headline match, and Punk/Taker isn't overshadowing Cena/Rock. I also don't see them not giving us the big Taker/Cena match.
  14. I suppose that's true, which is a shame because Cena doesn't exactly need the rub from beating the Undertaker!
  15. No. But next year I'm a little bit on the fence about.
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