Did you enjoy ADR's promo on RAW?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. Did you enjoy the promo ADR cut on RAW last week? I thought it was great how he wasn't talking about his destiny and was instead mocking all the Mexicans. I wish ADR done this more. He could host contests for them to win money, but back out and mock them (similar to TD).

    He could pay referees, announcers, wrestlers etc to help him. He could be so much more, people bag on him but he's actually incredibly talented. He's good on the mic, he's got one of the best looks in WWE and is awesome in the ring. So yeah, did you enjoy that promo and do you like ADR in general?
  2. I actually really enjoyed it, when I usually hate everything ADR.
  3. ADR cuts a good promo on RAW?/

    The world must be ending soon :serious:
  4. I don't know which promo you're talking about, but if instead of recapping his actions/saying he will win the World Heavyweight Championship at the next PPV/talking about destiny he did something to flaunt his wealth/class/high society status and get some heat, great.

    And if his promo was on Raw as you say, why is this in the SD section? Didn't the promo take place on SD?
  5. SD Superstar in a SD feud. It's more about ADR in general.

    Also, the promo was the beginning of last weeks RAW where he called out the mexicans for not having their papers lmfao.
  6. Didn't he do that before hammering Sheamus with his car hood? I couldn't watch last week's Raw correctly because of my connection.
  7. ADR is plain lame. He's very talented and I hate it because he's so shy with doing bigger than right now.
  8. Oops, it might have been SmackDown yeah. Yeah it was, my bad (lol).

    He's lame because of his content imo. Read my second paragraph on how I think he can improve. :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. @[Crayo] I think he just lacks the creative skill to do anything with his own character besides the destiny and mocking crap.
  10. That's booking mate. They're given a script, only some are allowed to go off-script or are given bullet points. Punk, Cena, Rock etc are those who can.
  11. Crayo don't lie about Punk if he could go off script then he wouldn't be as lame as he is right now.
  12. It's OK. :jericho:
  13. There's a difference betweren going off-script and your gimmick. Punk is basically given bullet points. Go out there and say stuff about this, this and this. He can't go off-script, but he can create a promo about those topics. He can't suddenly change his character and turn heel when he wants lmao.

  14. Yeah I know Crayo but I guess it's just CM Punk being plain lazy to entertain us on the microphone.
  15. I dunno. Not sure how much he could entertain us with his gimmick anyway. Unless he gets edgy we'll always be displeased. I never thought Cena would be able to thoroughly entertain me on the mic but he was awesome during his feud with Rocky when he went a bit edgy.
  16. Ye I guess your right about that.
  17. Did I enjoy the promo? No. It was too short to do anything.

    The Smackdown one was awesome though. No destiny, some good one-liners, it was awesome. Then again, I'm a blind mark for "insult the audience to their face" promos. Do I like ADR? I rip his finisher, his complete lack of overness, the way they keep pushing him to no avail, and the things he says. (Most of that is not his fault) Otherwise everything in the OP is true.
  18. ADR needs to be more like JBL imo.
  19. While personally I'm not a fan of this ADR (the one who attacked Sin Cara and Sheamus), on s whole he isn't that bad.

    You do make some really good points Crayo, you can't deny the fact he is actually good on the mic, that proved before the Sheamus attack, and he is a good wrestler.

    I think I didn't really like the attacks on Sin Cara and Shaemus because I didn't like the way they was done. But again you also make another very good point, they portray ADR as being rich, so why not use that in storylines by getting him to bribe referees, opponents etc, maybe even pay people to attack his oponents before a fight.

    He certainly could be used a he'll of a lot better that's for sure. If they do, then I'll probably like this side of ADR.
  20. They need to use him like they used JBL, but not identically obviously.
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