Did you enjoy Miz' title reign?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Despite the recent hate for The Miz in the recent months, people say his title reign was incredibly entertaining. I agree with that, it was incredible in my opinion. Debate it with no flaming :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. I enjoyed it up until the WM build started w/ Cena/Rock and he became an afterthought (Him coming out dressed as the Rock was probably the last really good thing he did). He's been mostly regurgitating the same old shit on the mic ever since, and hasn't improved at all in the ring, and has regressed if anything.
  3. Agree with Dolph.
    Him dressing as The rock was entertaining as all hell.
    For the most part though, he annoyed me, and still does, because I think he's an absolute pompus prick.
  4. So he's a great heel then Jonathan :emoji_wink:

    I don't think he's "regressed" at all, we've not seen him in anything hardly to judge that. He's been in segments we don't give a crap about also. He was amazing during that title reign and many agree'd in the IWC. Miz had no fans before his reign, well, very little.
  5. I disagree with you saying he had few fans before the title run. He was insanely popular with the IWC for his run as US Champ and Mr. Money in the Bank. IMO he was better during that stretch than he was as WWE Champion. His feud with Bryan was a million times more entertaining than any of his feuds as WWE Champ
  6. What was teaming him with R-Truth supposed to 'accomplish'

    I emphasize accomplish b/c the teaming itself was okay, but there was no execution of proper turn of events

    I get that heels lose and turn on each other.... but Vince made it clear he was a fan of Miz work

    If everything I said was true, then why not emphasize his strengths and feature him as the bigger star?

  7. Probably because he doesnt have any strengths
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  8. He'll always be the best example of terrible booking... needing interference to defeat Jerry Fucking Lawler. Ridiculous.

    But the Miz himself did all he could to make that title reign work. He really got under peoples skin and entertained us at the same time. He drew the fine line between cocky and aggressive perfectly, and even at Summerslam after the OTL burial and putting over Alex Riley apparently for no reason, you still could have stuck him in the main event and it would have been believable. The guy really does have quite a bit of that "it factor" we talk about here at WF.

    There's something about the Miz that makes him work as a heel. He's a former reality star which the IWC hates. He looks like a frog, so the female fans would much rather cheer Cena. He's great at his pompous prick character, so the casual fans will hate him, and his aggressiveness will turn off the kids. He's really the prototype for a heel.
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  9. Liked. Really good post.
  11. I just couldn't enjoy it. Some may enjoy his mic work and think "it's cool, he does catchphrases", but IMO, he's one of the worst talkers in WWE. Sure, he can work the mic, and he's very self-confident, but his delivery sucks IMO, he's VERY bad actor, his remarks are cheap. The highlights of his reign were the EC match against Lawler and the segment where he imitated Teh Rock. Not enough for me, sorry. The Miz was a very passionate worker, but let's face it - he sucks, not even his great work ethics can cover that.

  12. I can't help this, and JoeRulz, basically summed this nugget up

    If you've ever seen "Rudy," you get my exact impression of The Miz

    You could even play the "Rudy" theme song and put together a video package of Miz while the song plays

    Rudy would give his two nu**s to play at Notre Dame so he went to Holy Cross... wait... [​IMG]

    Miz even resembles Sean Astin... Let's make another movie: Miz... starring Sean Astin

    Directed by Sean Astin... written by Sean Astin... produced by WWE Studios
  13. Yeah I enjoyed it because it was something new for a change.
  14. Uh oh. Crayo is going to ban JC and JoeRulez for those anti-Miz remarks

  15. [​IMG] I didn't intend to burn, but boom goes the dynamite.

    Frankly, If I don't burn I go from this :sleepy: to this :angry: to this :angel: to this :no: amd then back to this :angry:

    .. and that will can only escalate into Perry Saturn territory
  16. I didn't see hardly any of The Miz's title reign, but I've seen a lot of The Miz himself and I have to say I am not impressed. He is average in the ring and on the mic. And his catch phrases ('REALLY?', and 'I'm The Miz And I'm Awesome') are lame. I see a guy I'd rather watch in the midcard permanently rather than the main event.
  17. Have no problem people insulting Miz' ring work, because I agree, he needs to improve. But people insulting his mic work doesn't make sense. Watch the segment with Miz, Rock and Cena in the ring. Miz was the best mic-worker out of those 3 during that segment, that speaks volume.

    YouTube "The Miz Awesome Promo" and watch his promo on MVP. He's one of the best mic workers in WWE, you can't insult him for a catch phrase, everyone has one. Rock has millions (pun completely intended) yet he gets no slate for it.
  18. I didn't insult Miz's mic work, in fact, if you read my post carefully, I said he can work the mic, no doubt about it, he can work the mic very well. But you gotta separate the mic work from talking, those are two different disciplines. Sure, one can work the mic, he's confident and all that jazz, but the thing is - what to say? How to say it? Facial expressions, intonation, acting abilities, etc. And The Miz fails badly in those categories. To sum up: The Miz - great mic worker, but bad, dull, boring and one dimensional talker and actor, IMO.

    Same goes for Teh Rock, I used to make some crusades on other forums with Teh Rock fanboys regarding his talking abilities. Teh Rock is another lousy, childish talker. Great mic worker, one of the best ever, but the things he says, the way he speaks, meh... Fuck that shit, am I a moron for wanting something deeper and more subtle from pro wrestling?

    My original post, about The Miz:

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  19. Im sure 90% of the wrestling fans will agree miz is one of the most boring guys at the mic currently.
    Yes we can insukt him for a catch phrase, everyone has one but they r different.
    Wait miz out mic skilled rock and cena at that segment? I personally think nobody even gave a shit about what miz had to say, they were too busy wanting to listen to the rock and cena.

    Dont even try comparing miz's mic skills to rock or cena, he isnt even close to being a quater of the other two.
  20. Post wasn't aimed at you. But I disagree with your point, Miz can be funny, serious and the rest on the mic. The heat he gets is proof of that. My post was aimed at those who diss Miz' mic work in general like the post above :facepalm:

    JeebaK, 90% of this userbase said that Miz is in the top 5 mic workers, read the thread. Most of the IWC in general say he's great in the mic but needs to improve in the ring, that's true. Even his haters can say he's good on the mic. But I've stopped taking most of your posts seriously tbh.
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