Did you enjoy RAW this week?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Simple question really, did you enjoy it? Rate it out of 10.

    Personally I ddin't thoroughly enjoy it at all, I mean it was better than last week but I think a 2 hour Eric Bischoff segment would of beaten last weeks RAW. I still think this show was too HHH-orientated for my liking. The promo between him and HBK, it was only HBK getting reactions. No one gave a crap about HHH, the stand off between Ryder & Cena got much more reaction which says a lot.

    I was pretty pleased with the Cena storyline progression. I'm glad he done what he did with Eve, that got hmi a few boo's and will definitely help the slow-burn heel turn which we're all hoping is going to happen (most of us are anyway).

    Really dissapointed with the way the big heels on RAW are being treated, Ziggler & Miz (arguably THE top two heels on RAW) both had jobber entrances, which means they didn't enter on TV basically. Already in the ring waiting, both of them squashed in under 3 minute matches, especially Ziggler. Jericho's character hasn't changed at all from his last character if I'm honest. I was excited for the new gimmick and all, but once again WWE find a way to ruin things, and he's basically back to his suit gimmick and nothing extraordinary is going to happen at all. Though i still feel he's winning EC.

    Rating: 5/10

    The longest match of the night was a SmackDown match. Fitting.
  2. -God gets 20 minutes of TV time. Two young heels with loads of potential get jobber entrances and get beat in less than 6 minutes combined, one of them would feel like a legitimate threat to win the chamber match if he hadn't have lost to a comedy relief character in 2 minutes. The only person who got a push on this show was Kofi, who only needs to be rebuilt because simply looking the tag belts is enough to bury you.

    -Only 8 people on the Raw roster are getting any sort of TV time on the show.

    -This Cena/Kane feud remains unintentionally hilarious. Ryder getting legitimately injured during this mess is almost a microcosm of this whole feud.

    -The most entertaining thing about the show was R-Truth talking about spider soup. Yeah.

    -This show has done nothing but piss me off ever since Rey Mysterio lost the belt to Cena, proving that all the change that seemed to be going on was all for naught. After reading the spoilers for Smackdown (first time I read spoilers, that show's been unwatchable for the past month so I don't mind not watching it) I really wonder why i'm still a wrestling fan... You know what? Screw it. Screw this company. I'll see you guys in the TNA section.
  3. Im also angry about what's happening with Jericho. THey simply had to wait with his return. U cannot have 3 big things going on at once, Cena, HHH/Taker and Jericho/Punk is too much
  4. You mean CM Punk's title win did nothing for you? Cena is nowhere near the belt

    It's WrestleMania time and all the stars are out except for Austin... and you still don't like it?
  5. CM Punk's reign meant everything at first, then WWE placed him in the "championship mold" Now he's just unfunny and boring.
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  6. There's no getting around this... which was why I enjoyed Benoit's run so much

    Benoit was so limited on the mic, WWE was forced to have him wrestle

    Forcing Benoit to wrestle on TV is like asking Paris Hilton to go belly up while doing a crab walk completely nude
  7. RAW was terrible IMHO.
    Too many shitty videos about Cena/Rock, boring matches and too many segments.
  8. I liked raw when I started watching it from the last hour or else the main event sucked. Miz proved to everybody how his mic work saves him. He botched the bulldog and this other move.
  9. It was okay. The Cena/Ryder/Eve stuff was unintentional comedy gold. God/HBK was a pretty good promo. Miz sucking balls in the debate was classic

    oh and the crowd was good even though some of you on here think otherwise

    overall about a 5/10.. because there was a ton of horrible shit going down as well

  11. Draine,

    I can respect that. I see nothing wrong with your view
  12. You're just a more optimistic wrestling fan, who's still embracing the positives of the current product. I envy you.
  13. Was looking for the exact same .gif of Drew in the chamber last year the other day too, gutted you got it before me :emoji_slight_frown:.
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