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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Every three weeks a child dies from TV.
    The MLB spends $480,000 on baseballs every year.
    There are an estimated 10 million different insect species.
    The lighter was made before the match.
    There are 35,000 dots/pebbles on a standard basketball.
    The dog was domesticated before the cat.
    An oak tree takes up to 60 years to mature and produce fruit.
    The oldest living domestic cat in the UK is 27 years old.
  2. Dogs>Cats

    #Inb4 Brit reports this
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  3. I'm guessing these TVs are falling on these children?
  4. :dafuq: What fantasy land do you come from? It's obviously TV's stabbing these children.
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  5. REALLY?! In Canada our TVs don't have weapons, they take lives as they jump to their deaths. :pity1:
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  6. In Canada the TV's are armed with bear mace and ASPs.
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  7. In Canada, TV's also come with a complementary bottle of maple syrup and a pack of ham, which is falsely labeled as bacon.

  8. Canadian Bacon > Adobo
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  9. In Cornwall... who am I kidding, most people don't even own a fucking TV down here.
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  10. Also, in Canada, TV watches you!

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  11. LOL, I keep forgetting you know so much about my culture, lmaoo. Haven't heard a karaoke joke in awhile. :sad:

  12. Sorry, I'll step up my game. :sad1:

    I know so much cause I went to high school with a plethora of Filipinos.
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  13. Toronto will do that to ya'. :dawg: Most of my family who I lived with before coming to the US are up in Toronto now currently. I'll probably visit at some point. :obama:
  14. i know all these stuff
  15. What fruit does an Oak tree produce?
  16. Apparently, testicle fruit

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  17. That's everywhere silly! :pity:
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