Did you like heel Sheamus?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Were you a fan of this Sheamus? Whilst the people involved in this segment more or less suck, the segment itself was quite good. It was when Orton was getting ridiculous pops but still acted like a heel, and Kofi's push was seemingly happening.
  2. Marking for Tyson :yes:
  3. Tyson's voice > everyone in the ring

    p.s Cena sucked in this segment.

    Anyway, I started watching again when Sheamus was still heel, and yeah I liked him a bit
  4. I loved that Sheamus tbh. He was more focused imo


    He'll always suck
  5. :nope: Never cared for the character at all. He amused me a bit as King Sheamus, but I doubt that was intentional.
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  6. Meh. Not really. He was more bearable I suppose and I was initially intrigued by him just because he is unique and different.
  7. He was decent, I felt about him like I do now. He has potential but seems to only show it in glimpses. What I did feel like they missed a trick on was after Fatal Fourway (great name btw guys) he offered to forfeit the title to Vince saying he wanted to win like a warrior not via Nexus interference. Sadly it was the old "aye fooled ya fellas" after but I really thought if they'd have turned him there it would have given him a bit of depth. You could have run him as the honourable but vicious face (when he's in ring he's a badass motherfucker but out of it he's the good guy, it's basic enough for WWE anyway) then you could have integrated more of the Celtic Warrior persona. Could have been a better booking for him then the KOTR schtick. Like really build him as a midcard force then when he shows up against Henry a year later he has some momentum behind him.
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  8. He wasn't that special, but was fresh and in comparison to his current character he looks good.
  9. I liked him. Part of that was markdom after seeing the way he ran over Jamie Noble and Jerry Lawler, he was something fresh and different. He's a brutal, athletic, monster heel that'll bring the fight and you'll be lucky to escape (granted lot of it had to do with his look but that's important)

    Now he's basically playing the same character except smiling and talking about fellas' arses.
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