Did you like Ryback's promo?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. It seems that the IWC is in complete conflict with Ryback's promo ability. Some think he is a great talker and cuts promos based on his character really well, others think he sucks on the mic. What side of the coin are you on and why?

    I think he's a fantastic promo cutter personally.
  2. Let's go Ryback, Ryback sucks.

    Anyway, I don't like his promos. He talks with his muscles. Anyway, if that IS his character, then :obama:
  3. Serviceable, gets his point across, but doesn't give anyone goosebumps.
  4. Depends from promo to promo. Sometimes his material is very good and he delivers a very good promos. Other not so much. He has a good control of his voice and doesn't change pitch that much so it all comes down to content and material for me.
  5. Nope. :nope:

    Hated it.
  6. Shocker.
  7. His promos fit his gimimck. He doesn't need to talk, when he is destorying superstars left and right. All he honestly needs to say is "WHO'S NEXT" :bitw:
  8. Wish he would keep away from the stick
  9. Does the job for me, as long as he sounds aggressive and delivers his lines confidently enough then I have no problem with him. And he does both of those things.
  10. He talks with the same loud intense tone of voice with every word he mutters. But then that's his gimmick - he's a big, aggressive guy who is out to destroy people, so it fits. Nothing great or anything, though, but it's not really supposed to be.
  11. As said, it fits his gimmick.. He talks with some pauses in it, wants to get the message out and done..
  12. Fantastic? really? :pity1:

    He isn't horrible or even bad, just okay/mediocre. I didn't like the promo from Raw though
  13. Yeah, pretty much, it fits his gimmick and is good in that, so nothing to hate on imo.
  14. I think he speaks the way his character is suppose to speak. He's not suppose to be this magnificent wordsmith, he's a monster and he should speak as one. I think he does a good job of doing so in his promos. Comparatively speaking, Ryback is on the upper end of the promo spectrum, although most of his stuff should be done in ring, which is a whole different issue.
  15. Average at best. Certainly not fantastic.
  16. I'm here for my one post of the year.

    Ryback's promos are unique. Unique doesn't mean good, nor does it mean bad.

    Ryback's promos are unique because he is the only person in the locker room that refers to his opponents as food. They are unique because his promos sound like he took an hour to prepare. The beginning, middle and end all revolve around the inevitable feed me [blank] chant.

    They don't lead anywhere important. I have been so captivated by CM Punk's intangible promos that nobody is good enough anymore. Not even The Rock's 'tired old schtick.'

    There is a new standard for promo delivery. Not just in the message, but the sincerity and emotion it is delivered with. I believe every word Punk says, whether he truly does or not.

    Ryback has a long way to go. He needs to get past the nervous barrier he is behind and say what is on his mind. He is clinging too hard to this unstoppable eating machine character and not focusing on making an interesting story out of his feuds. I think once he, as well as many other superstars, leave their comfort zone and realize how much freedom they truly have with their characters, they will be able to deliver more compelling promos.
  17. He's not an excellent mic worker, but the promos he does gets the job done and suits his meat eating cyborg caveman gimmick. So, I don't mind them.
  18. At least the post was long. :true:
  19. I liked it. It's putting Ryback in a plausible storyline against The Shield and gives him something else to do rather than the "feed me Punk" situation. Right now he'll be focusing on something else besides a title shot and gives The Shield a way to be featured in a different way as well.
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