Didier Droga on the move...ALREADY?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Acailler, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. La Liga News [email protected]_news
    Didier Drogba will arrive in Barcelona tomorrow to negotiate a deal with FC Barcelona (via Esport3).

    3m Guillem Balague [email protected]
    In Spain it is being reported that Didier Drogba is arriving tomorrow to Barcelona to sign for FC Barcelona

    17m 101 Great Goals [email protected]
    Esport 3 (can they be trusted?) say Didier Drogba in Barcelona to discuss move to Nou Camp. Clause in Shenghua contract allows him to leave.

    19m Now Football [email protected]__Football
    Didier Drogba has a clause installed in his contract that allows him to talk to Barcelona. Therefore he can move there on a free.

    26m Now Football [email protected]__Football
    So it looks like Didier Drogba could be on his way to Barcelona on a free transfer. #cfc #fcb
  2. How can he be a free agent if he's already agreed to sign for that Chinese club?
  3. Apparently there's a clause in his contract that allows him to sign for Barca!

    Much like Rivaldo...Signed for Mogi Mirim...a day later he signed for Sao Paulo!
  4. Lol he's signed with Chinese club. They've had the press conference and everything.
  5. Damn those Chinese fans be getting trolled, poor guys.
  6. If there seriously is some random clause like that then wow, they'd be heart broken. Not sure why Barca want him tbh.
  7. Thought he joined Anelka at that club..
  8. He has but apparently has a clause allowing him to speak to Barca.
  9. Could be epic..

  10. Why would Barca want him though he maybe only has 2 seasons of top quality football left.
  11. I guess it gives them a targetman, is a huge name in Africa for marketing and gives them cover up top on the relative cheap as they're pretty skint I reckon.
  12. Listen to Talksport now. Guileme Balague is being interviewed about it...
  13. Barca don't care about marketing (this is the first year they've actually had a sponsor on their shirt [ubisoft is a charirty]) and they don't play the target man game (see Ibra's run at Barca). I'm confused as hell as to why they'd want him. Perhaps someone to score chances for games when Messi can't play, as they incredibly reliant on him.
  14. Jeez... Why UEFAlona, Didier? Go to Quatar, UAE, or sth... Play golf, rise horses.
  15. lol, epic troll job Drogba. I don't see how people are questioning this move for Barca. Yea Drogba doesn't have a lot of years left, but he can still help them immensely for the next 2-3 years.
  16. Help them immensely? Do you not watch Barca?

    He'll be a bench warmer to replace Messi when tired, play cup games or be the target man if they get bussed out like they did against Chelsea.
  17. He would come off the bench, but yea, bringing him in as a sub will be deadly. As Seabs said it gives them a target man that they don't have. They have so many creative footballers and now they'll actually have someone to swing it in to who can finish.
  18. They saw how Chelsea played and since it was a success you'll have more and more people doing it. Is it really bad to have another string to your bow?
  19. Yeah, tis' what I said. He won't be immensely influential imho because 9 times out of 10 they don't need a target man. Their style works and works incredibly well, so well that Real Madrid have adopted it. Just Real Madrid added what Barca didn't, a plan b/c/d. I'm surprised Drogba wants to be the second float to Messi, he certainly didn't want to be that with Torres. However, Messi is GOAT and Torres was shit at the time so yeah.

    Either way I'm glad I'll be seeing the Drog in the CL, amazing player. Screw China and their money.
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