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  1. Being that most members on the site are either from Europe or the USA...
    Post the differences between both places, aside from the obvious of driver sides. lol

    Canada is essentially included in the USA... Just a nicer, cleaner version of it. :lol1:
  2. Accents and Football.
  3. Portion sizes. Our large mcds meals are a small compared to across the pond.
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  4. Fat people. You don't see many fat people in Europe
  5. Europe doesn't have me :boss:
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  6. I think America has the largest portions in the entire world... Quite sad. lolol
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  7. More people seem to like Dominoes in Europe. Hate Dominoes. Oh, and obviously the currency is different, lol.
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  8. Domino's is crap in America. Donatos >
  9. Donatos?
  10. Best damn pizza I ever had! :yes:
    I also like Arcade but that is only in Ohio.
  11. I don't understand your language.
  12. che s perché sei un derp
  13. So rude
  14. :jbl:
  15. That's only in the UK. Most of Europe drive on the right side.
  16. The US have loads of PF Chang's, Europe has none :please:
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  17. :hmm:
  18. Chips in UK seem to be potato wedges here, at least in meals.
  19. Such weirdos. Am I right? :dawg:
  20. Does anyone call their mcdonlads, Macca's? or is it just an aussie thing?

    Cause if it's an aussie thing. You better not take it from me. It's mine.

    I couldn't find a sassy gif to finish this, So i'll just leave this with no smileys so it makes it sassy.
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