Different US dialects

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  1. Louisiana is further south than the "gulf southern" but it's not classed as it... makes sense 'murrica
  2. It's voodoo. *makes cheesy 50 movie scary sounds*
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  3. Upper Midwestern: Home of the Midwestern twang, influenced by a combination of Northeasterners and Southerners who migrated up the Mississippi River, as well as the Scandinavian immigrants who settled the area. A subdialect in and around Minnesota reflects more of that Norwegian influence. Think “Drop Dead Gorgeous.”

    I don't talk like that shit. I talk AMERICAN
  4. I'd like to assume that the Dakota's have a different dialect than someone in Ohio, I think "Fargo" when you get up this close to Canada.
  5. Louisiana has its own dialect because of the French influence before the Louisiana purchase.

    they're called Cajuns
  6. I see
  7. the funniest sounding people, ever.
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  8. agreed lol
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  9. You ever see they have a cajun reality show now? My dad loves all that history channel gold miner duck dynasty BS, which normally I would hate, but the moonshiners one is so dope. I'll have to ask him/search for it. The show is Honey Boo Boo bad, to the point it's just hilarious trying to keep up with the subtitles.

    Crawdad man.
  10. never heard of it.

    I did used to play COD on XBL with a group of Cajuns. fucking hilarious
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