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  1. Do you think we could make separate custom user groups, (not upgrades)? Maybe groups like RAW, Smackdown, TNA, etc...

    I think it would be cool to instead of not having a userbar, to have a userbar which matches your favorite show as well. (Only one choice per user though).


    Also, could we have a News group as well? That group would soley be responsible for searching for wrestling news and updates about the company and superstars; then bringing it all back to WF, and informing the other members.

    Would this be possible @[Crayo]?
  2. For the first suggestion, I do want to add something different to the post_bit (yeah, something else :smile:emoji_slight_smile:. I might add a "Favourite Show" part and you can have WWE RAW, WWE SmackDown, TNA, RoH etc.

    As for a news group, no. I encourage all users to contribute content to the site, not restrict it to certain groups.
  3. I don't know about the userbar but adding "Favorite Show" sounds good.
  4. Yeah it's currently on the profile page I think. But I want to make in-line threads a bit more wrestling-related and unique to other wrestling-forums. Will speak to Anon and Xanth about this tomorrow to go over some ideas.

    Feel free to pitch some more here though, it's better to have member ideas.
  5. I don't mean strictly prohibit it to a certain group, my intention was to make it so there would be a select number of people who would post news an a certain basis, like daily or weakly or something, just so other users would know. I think it would actually be really helpful imo.
  6. Like the news team on hackforums?
  7. It's impossible to do that, their sources don't have regular days where news is posted. News is posted when they know about it. Forums then grab it off the dirty sheets, post it and discuss it, then give credit. Having an official news team with official days is impossible.

    Though eventually I'd love to have a site news team, I had this on my old forum. Where a user (or users) would post a thread about what's happened on this site. For example "We broke the record on Monday for most posts in one thread! Congratulations...." and "Anonymous added yet another feature to WWE Forums, hail the king" etc :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    Edit: If you meant what I said above then sorry, thought you meant just for wrestling news.
  8. Isnt that just about the website though? @[seabs]?

    It could be along those lines though. Like, say each person has a part. Maybe you could handle a certain part like upcoming events, then I could handle injuries per say; Crayo could handle the spoilers... and so on.
  9. Yeah and no. They focus on the site but mention out side news also. It could tie in eventually but the site seems abit small for it currently. Announcements are good enough for the time being imo.
  10. "We broke the record on Monday for most posts in one thread! Congratulations...."

    Why, thank you @[Crayo], by the way :emoji_wink:

    Also, I still think it would be cool to have a shoutbox just for the upgraded members/staff/admin only.
  11. Still restricted. All that is posted in the wrestling sections daily. No point making threads on threads already made right?
  12. Not sure I get what you're saying here?
  13. You're saying post weekly news about all wrestling news yeah? News gets posted here all the time, so you'd just be posting news about the news already posted? Probably confusing you here with my rubbish terminology.

    As for the shoutbox, nope. Most popular plugin to get exploited, reduces post count dramatically & looks ugly.
  14. Why would an upgraded member or staff exploit a shoutbox though? Plus, it would be easier communications if you're working on a project or something.
  15. We talk on Skype/Xfire/MSN for projects and stuff lol. Don't need no shoutbox. Also, even having the plugin enabled can just cause problems. It's just not something we'd want really. I'm surprised you're for it Mr. I Love Breaking Records :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  16. It could easily be exploited even if it was viewable only to premium members.
  17. 'I'm surprised you're for it Mr. I Love Breaking Records :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:"

    Come Wrestlemania, when you say you're gonna be the one to make the discussion thread, it'll be me, breaking the record, at an amazing 2k posts :emoji_wink:
  18. Haha you wait, going to make it a month before hand lmao :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. I might just make it now to beat both of you...
  20. You've not had one yet have you? Might be nice and let you. :emoji_slight_smile:

    LOL U WISH, I'll bury that thread in our junk section (aka HHH section).
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