Dimebag was the greatest metal guitarist ever

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Trip in the Head, Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. @Farooq @deth

  2. OMG, lol. Same youtube channel so I'm posting in this thread
  3. I'm sorry, but no. He was good it seriously overrated because of his death. Will post some guitarists I think are better in a bit, on my phone atm
  4. I just put that as the title since that was the videos title, wanted to start the conversation. IMO he was VERY good as I was a big fan of his since BEFORE he died/was gunned down. I hate to say anybody "was the greatest", because someone better is bound to come along eventually. But he is one of my top favs.
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  5. Buckethead >
  6. Expected that from @Farooq

    Hes aight
  7. He's an avant garde guitarist. I don't wanna get started, but you're not an alright guitarist once you gain that title. As for Dimebag, I don't think he's bad. Never really been big on Pantera, but I have listened to a good amount of their songs.
  8. He's definitely Top 5 in my book. It all comes down to headbanging, and when Dimebag hits it... ECSTASY OF RUSH!
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