Ding Ding Ding!

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  1. That's right, we're off and running again. We have decided to relaunch WWE Forums and this time it's here to stay. We have a custom theme in progress as we speak, we'll hopefully be having some custom plugins/features as well. Our concentration has completely turned to this site, and we will make sure it is a success. Our main focus will be to make sure the site is running okay and looking good, before we focus on attracting new members and activity.

    The three of us (Management) have a lot of forum experience and our skills vary across all the required elements of running a successful forum. No point going into detail, but this won't be like most new forums and crash within a few days, we're here for the long term.

    It'll be great if we got some suggestions on what we can add to the site to make it more unique, it's something we pride ourselves on. If we're different, more people will be attracted to the site.

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  2. Wow this looks like a good forum, hopefully it stays active! :troll:
  3. No replies in this thread until now? F*** you all.

    TID 3, old times.
  4. Regards,

    So many memories. Change your name back :sad:
  5. Fuck yes. You can give me a lot of that credit. :otunga:
  6. Cool story Crayo.
    Nice thing. Sorry for not replying. Had to work from 9am till 9pm.
  7. This was made on December 17th 2011.
  8. I was never here.
  9. I know -- just making sure you didn't think I posted this today, lol.
  10. Don't know how I found this.
    My laptop shows me fingz :O
  11. Finally he changed his name back. Thanks for bumping the thread @[SpaceR].
  12. Ah no problem, just doing my job around these parts of WWEForums.
  13. I saw the thread when I joined.

    Didn't reply. :lol1:
  14. :cry:
  15. You can blame yourself Cray Bomb.
  16. Don't be disappointed. :sad:
  17. BUMP.

    Wait... There was a WWEForums before? With Crayo, Rambler, Seabs and shit? Shocked.
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  18. Nope. There was a WWEForums before with me, Xanth and Anonymous. I was cba'ing internet life and we just didn't properly launch it. We designed it and stuff (mainly Anon did) but we didn't launch. Anon and Xanth both said to me this time around that this site would go no where. I told them to stfu and said it would.

    True story.
  19. Never doubt @[Crayo], bitches! :boss:
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