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  1. [​IMG]

    at 750 at night LOL
  2. Looks delicious. I had fish, gotta keep my bones strong!

    Enjoy Mike.
  3. :O FAT NERD
  4. 56grams of protein woot
  5. Thought you were on a diet?
  6. I can vouch me and mike sometimes workout while we're in the xbox dashboard ^-^
  7. Everyone fucking day, just did another set, need to do 3 more sets at least I should be doing 10 sets but o well haha
  8. i have kfc bowl
  9. I just ate a 5-piece hand breaded chicken tenders with medium french fries from Carl's Jr. which looks exactly like your meal.

    Tasted good bro.
  10. Fuck yeah I got hardees, same thing as carl's jr just on the east coast, but this food is froma steak house