Dio appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Extraterrestrial, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. Dr. CM Punk has inspired me
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  2. Such a wonderful vocalist.

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  3. There needs to be a Dio smilie with :horns: :sad:

    Such a beautiful and smooth voice :yay:
  4. I refuse to let this thread die :tough: Kelly Kelly thread has 100+ pages, Dio deserves to over throw that thread! You fucking noobs here who have never heard Dio, he is the God of Metal, listen to his voice and learn the ways of Dio :tough:

    He has a smooth and beautiful voice that'll give your girl over 9000 orgasims :tough: give him a chance you noobs.

  5. That thread is mostly people insulting Kelly Kelly or BLFFL herself. I don't think you'd want that.
  6. Whoever insults Dio will be sent to the lake of fire :tough: he deserves 100 pages of respect for his music, Kelly Kelly is just a whore. Now more DIO!

  7. No one appreciates Dio here :upset:

  8. I mean when Ronnie James FUCKIN DIO makes his appearance in this song you realize how to ROCK.
  9. Dio can you hear me?
    I am lost and so alone.
    I'm askin' for your guidance.
    Won't you come down from your throne?
    I need a tight compadre who will teach me how to rock.
    My father thinks you're evil,
    But man, he can suck a cock.
    Rock is not The Devil's work,
    It's magical and rad.

    How's that for apperciation
  10. Fun fact, the reason why he tells him to go to Hollywood is because that's what Dio himself did, and looked at what happen :yay: I remember Tenacious D and Dio did this together
  11. Haha really? I did not know that man! Thanks and I've never seen this video either till now, so double thanks. LONG LIVE DIO! RAINBOW IN THE DARK!
  12. Yeah, found this yesterday too, a nice ass house :true:
  13. oh hell yeah it is. I had my volume at about 60 percent and the video damn near blew my speakers at first haha. Some old school quality. I dig it.
  14. :haha: It's an old ass video, still a nice find though, I wish I had a bar like that :sad:
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