Director Michael Bay says "The Rock needs to grow up & stop wrestling"

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 24, 2013.

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  2. Says the guy who makes mindless action films (I love mindless action films, but it's just as much mindless entertainment as wrestling is, perhaps less so) and who tried to ruin the modern day version of the TMNT franchise by turning the turtles into ALIENS.
  3. Rock going back to WWE has nothing to do with growing up. He does it for the fans.
  4. Bay said this? Says the guy that's trying to ruin TMNT?
  5. Micheal Bay needs to worry less about the rock, and more about pissing off every TMNT fan.

    Teenage alien ninja turtles? Asshole.
  6. Michael bay needs to stop making shit films.
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  7. Yeah I'm pissed off about the turtles too :annoyed-85:

    I can understand where is Bay is coming from if you're involved in financing a star you want to get them as much as possible not missing PR stuff because he needs surgery after pulling stupid faces in his underwear. :senhor:
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  8. Michael Bay is the one who should be taking advises on how to make a good movie.
  9. To each his own, I guess. Fine for him to feel that way but no reason to go public with it.
  10. What does growing up have to do anything with Wrestling?
    Michael Bay, why don't you try to ruin another franchise you prick.
  11. Entitled to the opinion I guess, no need for the 'grow up' thing. Rock will go where the money and attention is. Michael Bay will just have to deal with it.
  13. Wrestling is an art, as is directing. If someone wants to partake in a art, then let them. Calling them immature, especially the actor that's in a movie you made, is pretty pointless. I guess if he does something else that annoys you, it's immature as well. Ruining movies by remaking them completely in your eyes is immature. When you remake a movie, you need to stick to the story. Sure it's fine to remake them, as long as they're relevant to the original. Like TMNT, they are mutants, not aliens. It's not hard to follow up on that part, yet he chose to ignore it, or perhaps didn't even check the complete history and studied them well. The Rock's family history is wrestling, from his grandfather, to his father, to himself. Bay doesn't have to like wrestling, but to call it immature, an art immature, is ignorant in his part.
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  14. Or for the money, he earns more fans with his films than wrestling
  15. He can do a few movies and earn more money then in WWE, and be in a safer environment, and he can even guest star in plenty of shows. I doubt money is the answer here.
  16. Hahaha. Lol'ing at the butthurt 'rasslin fans.

  17. Here's a little update to this.

    Didn't seem like a joke to me.
  18. I really don't care about what Michael Bay has to say about the Rock.

    That being said on a completely unrelated note; Michael bay can still go fuck himself lol. Terrible piece of shit excuse for a director.
  19. :pity2: A joke? Yeah right.
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