DirecTV & Spike TV Issues, TNA Urges Fans To Call DirecTV

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    To summarize this whole scenario, Viacom wants 30% increase from DirecTV which equals $1 billion that DirecTV has to pay. That means it will be higher payments for DirecTV's 20 million subscribers. DirecTV is saying that's way too much and isn't backing down.

    This is affecting 26 channels which includes popular ones like MTV, Nickelodeon. Spike, VH1, Comedy Central, etc.. All of those channels are owned by Viacom.
  2. Posted that on Facebook. And I'm only calling for 10:00
    I'm gonna tell DirecTV that too.
  3. well this sucks. Hopefully it's resolved by Thursday night
  4. Lol no way is Randy Savage going to be right.
  5. Good. Go on to a real network with nationwide coverage, that will help you out with advertising, and shows people want to watch. Spike, there's a reason Raw left your asses in the dust.
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  6. Yeah Spike does suck
  8. Here's an update:

    That's a pretty dick move from Viacom, I must say. Glad I live in Australia where we don't have to put up with this bullshit networking partnerships.
  9. I am pretty sure Viacom could find another TV provider if they wanted to. They own some pretty popular channels like MTV.

  11. If TNA will be accepted. Unlike RAW, they won't top the ratings on any network they potentially move to. Their current ratings could be unacceptable to some.
  12. -ProWrestlingDotNet (via reliable sources)

    Didn't notice the other post, after Crayo's reply I didn't think my post was that far above his.
    But anyway, some channel might give Impact a chance. There's a lot of potential there for it to be a top show.
  13. :(( such mean people
  14. Even though TNA is better than ever, I don't think worse ratings than last year is seen as potential though. Struggling to get 1.0's atm.

    Looks like no impact this Thursday which sucks for poor Austin.
  15. Wait, what? They are canceling the show because DirecTV won't air it?
  16. PWInsider
  17. Since Viacom, the parent company of SpikeTV, and DirecTV could not come to terms on a new carriage deal for their networks, the channels are now dark on the nation's second largest cable TV carrier. That means no TNA this week for those that use the service unless a deal is made before Thursday at 7 p.m. ET.

    Doesn't that mean the show will happen, just not be shown on Direct TV?
  18. Yeah, which is their largest outlet IIRC. Meaning hundreds of thousands won't see it.
  19. I have DirecTV and I will see the show just fine. It will lower their ratings but most TNA fans who have DirecTV will still either stream the show or find it online after the fact.
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