Dirtsheet - Complete and utter failure

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Aug 28, 2012.

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    Yeah, aside from the fact he's always set up the vice like that :facepalm1:
  2. If true, why is this a big deal? Yeah they're kinda feuding, but it would make a whole lot more sense if this was closer to the Royal Rumble. Right now, it'll just be something we'll forget by the time Survivor Series rolls around, much less the Royal Rumble.

    Not that it's relevant anyway.
  3. the heat is completely justified!


    It would be a completely pointless thing to point out. glad it didn't get mentioned.
  4. He's always set up the Vice like that. :lol1:

    My friend also told me he stole Rock's finisher, I just said no lol. It's his move.
  5. I actually nearly posted saying "Isn't this a Rock Bottom, this should be highlighted to develop the Punk v Rock feud?", but now I've realised it's normal? Something I've never noticed.
  6. He hadn't used it in quite some time, but when he began in the WWE, it was the usual set up for the Anaconda Vice.
  7. Regardless Cole should have mentioned it, and it's not a hard thing to miss too. And yes, Leo is right CM Punk would do a move similar to the rock bottom, just his his opponent close to him then lock in the Anaconda Vice.
  8. I saw him doing it.. But if that must be a Rock Bottom? Pffshhh.. Gtfo, try to lift him up a bit, please.
  9. No it's not CM Punk used to set up the anaconda Vice like that , you can even do it on WWE 12
  10. He's right its not a rock bottom its just how punk used to setup the vice, and even if people do see a rockbottom all the better to piss off the fans