Dirty Heels run as a team over?

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  1. :cry:
  2. Is this a Meltzer "report" lol?

    This isn't a newsflash at all to me, as anyone who follows TNA a bit more, could get it together. They'll prolly tag up once or twice more, and the feud will culminate @ BFG.
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  3. Just because it isn't a newsflash doesn't mean I have to be happy about it :sad1:
  4. I'm not happy either! :tough:
  5. We knew this good thing would be coming to an end shortly... great run while it lasted. TNA needs them in the main events.

    But doesn't this completely destroy the tag division? Dirty Heels broke up, Nacho Bell Grande thankfully broke up, Bad Influence are in the series as well... Congrats Storm and Gunner, you've been champs for a week and already run out of potential opponents!
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  6. #inb4Park&Abyss
  7. #inb4Wes&Garett
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  8. Some Aces *& eights Team will feud with them.

    Also, disappointing if Roode & Aries just stop tagging with no feud. I realize they are both in the BFG Series so maybe they wind up feuding down the line as a part of that. If TNA has any brains at all it will happen.
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  9. Since they lost the titles in Corpus Christi, I've been claiming they will have a one-on-one match @ BFG, and am still convinced they'll have a great feud leading into it.
  10. Yea it would be easy to book. Just have them focus more on one another during the BFG Series, cost each other matches, ect and it results in them not being top 4.
  11. I am. The team is great and can happen in shows they arent relevant in....but singles competition will lead to roode vs aries again. Deal.
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