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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. I like reading insults people do, specially good ones.

    So, dis each other... BUT keep it some what clean and don't take it seriously!

    The best ones will get some brownie points from me! :yay:
  2. How many guys did you have to promise nudes from to get your superstar upgrade? If only one, id consider making you a legend :haha:
  3. I'd upgrade to legend for half one.
  4. The unbeatable champ of dissing is here. :haha:
  5. Every post I see from you at the moment in this section reminds me of this:

  6. Mission succeeded.

  7. Pretending it's intentional is one way to scoop some of your dignity back I suppose.

    Surprised you're not on Britanica's ignore list yet though :haha:
  8. Ofc it's intentional. Because you remarked on it the first time, every chance I get with one of her posts I hop on it now. :dawg:

    I am, I think. Wouldn't be surprised, also wouldn't blame her.

    She ain't married tho' :tough::finger:
  9. I don't take anything seriously from you guys, its just a forum and yes, Jonathan... I am married... For the 1000th time lol
  10. Does he satisfy you? I could make you remember Aid's Johson, long term :haha: :win:
  11. :dawg::smug:
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