Disable or block the bot!

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by DarksideTrin, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. We hate it!!!!

    We can post enough dribble without it!

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  3. It is the single solitary reason I barely post here for the last while!

    Too much clutter!!!



    I am speaking from a tapatalk point of view. It brutal and I'll I see is bot spam!

  4. Not sure if serious. It's a bot, posting wwe.com content, in its own section. You don't have to enter it. It doesn't make ANYTHING cluttered at all. If anything, it cleans up the spam we get from multiple users already posting wwe.com stuff.
  5. Remember he is in tapatalk which just shows unread threads regardless of section, so not going in isn't an option.
  6. Is there no structure at all with tapatalk? Can I ask why the hell people use this application then? Lol...
  7. You can browse by forum but that's a pain for me at least so I just have it on the unread threads bit. It's a lot better then any mobile site tbh.
  8. I'd love to do some testing but my phone is older than herpes.

    Do you HAVE to use applications to get on the web? I'd love a screenshot of what the site looks like on tapatalk.
  9. How old is Herpes?
  10. You don't want to know.
  11. Yeah. I always go to the most recent topics and it is ALWAYS filled with bot garbage. It really is a pain in the ass and makes this place a pain to come too
  12. Since a very small perchent (Testify :emoji_heart_eyes: of our members are using tapatalk, we won't disable the bot. There must be a better app to use or something. You can always just, you know, ignore the bot...

    If I'm honest this is such a tiny issue. You complained about signatures when you used your computer and now this lol.
  13. And I have every right to. I'm a consumer and can complain if a product isn't up to par.

    I found this forum using tapatalk. I tried using my computer but really don't want to get seizures from all the different sigs I Have to filter through. Lol

    The bot is useless and almost every topic it produces has at least one f you not response.

    I would much rather one of the fanboys create a topic that we can discuss about the topic rather then having to click on the topic, then having to click on the link the topic has.

    It's a pain in the ass and makes me not as active because as a consumer because It's a pain in the ass!

    Seriously. If you want new users. You do find them through tapatalk. It now works for me after the it updates on my iPhone so I can now post in every forums I'm allowed to. BUT if every one who finds you and like most, goes to the latest topics through tapatalk and find nothing but wwe.bot garbage filling up their timeline followed by at least one poster following with "fuck you bot" among other things. How do you expect your brand to grow?

  14. The forum isn't the product, the membership is. Also, 99% of us use computers but have had no seizures as far as I know... what does that tell you lol? No one else has ever complained about signatures, in fact, more complain about lack of signature space.

    Anyway, the bot isn't useless. It generates traffic and organises the wwe.com news. Of course we'll get crappy news posts from it, as soon as I installed it I said to users "Quite a lot of them will have 0 replies". Some of the threads are useful, it announces the opening segments for RAW for example.

    Tapatalk gets us very few members, though, the very few members it does get us I of course want to remain, but I'm doubting very many of them will leave because of a few bot threads. Maybe there's a way to stop bot threads from showing up on tapatalk but meh, I'm not sure there is.

    If it becomes a massive issue for everyone, I'll disable it right away.
  15. :obama:

    Now serious question: define tapatalk. What's that? :bury:
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  16. Phone application, a way for mobile phone users to browse the forums and contribute.
  17. Instead of screenshots, I recorded this little quick video of WWEForums on Tapatalk.


    You can disable signatures and avatars.


    I find GoMobile better tbh. It shows the status box, all the moderation options, nice simple view. :boss:
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  18. So awesome, thanks a lot for that video Rambler, +10.

    That shows me how simple it is to browse section by section without the bot irritating you, lol. And yeah, that was the one I was going to recommend (gomobile), I'm not sure how it looks because of my crappy phone but I've heard it's pretty nice.

    Also I forgot to actually show him how to disable sigs, so once again, thanks.
  19. Yeah but I have already purchased tapatalk. I don't like wasting money. I needs it to pay off losing bets @crayo!!!

    I would much rather the forum composers themselves post about stuff they read on wwe.com then having an automated bot post about stuff no one cares about. It makes me hesitant to recommend people to the forums.

    Maybe it is just me. But I find it irritating as hell. I'll take sandy ravage posting YouTube videos about him shaving his grandmas armpits then 20 automated posts from a website anyone can visit

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  20. Lol, you paid for that app. Y U NO download it for free?

    I find it annoying also but I try to ignore it. Dolph'sZiggler fighting/raging with the bot makes it entertaining. :laugh:
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