Disaster strikes: Overeem fails drug test, is likely out for UFC 146

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  1. http://mmajunkie.com/news/28109/alistair-overeem-fails-pre-fight-drug-test-likely-out-of-ufc-146-title-fight.mma

  2. Damn Ali, messed up man..
  3. OH FOR FUCK SAKE. Why can't these morons stop taking drugs?

    I swear, the kicks to the head are taking their tole. UFC should just do something big and strip the title if this bs keeps happening. Yes, it's a bs rule, but it's a rule. Follow it you overpaid morons. /Rage
  4. Well ashley he fail it after he beat Brock! Other why he would still be in UFC! [​IMG]
  5. Overeem had elevated testosterone so he was juicing.. a little different than my man Nick Diaz toking up


    What a shocker, you don't know wtf you are talking about. He passed all of his tests leading up to the Lesnar fight.

    Overeem missed a drug test in Nevada, saying he had flown back to Holland to be with his sick mother. A pair of drug tests conducted in Europe were then mishandled until he eventually submitted a sample to an accredited lab. He passed that test, along with a subsequent test in Nevada prior to UFC 141, and was granted a conditional license. Among the conditions of that license, he would be subjected to random tests throughout 2012.

    Source: http://sports.nationalpost.com/2012/04/04/ufc-boss-dana-white-is-really-mad-about-alistair-overeems-failed-drug-test/
  6. Really? Steroids? Now I hate the guy.
  7. 99 out of 100 failed tests in MMA/Boxing are going to be PEDs.
  8. Why would you hate Reem but still love Sonnen?


    Sonnen is a PED abuser as well
  9. He can talk.

    Nah I don't hate Overeem I just dislike that he done that. Diaz brothers are still my favourites.
  10. Personally I wish they would just legalize PEDs, though it will obviously never happen. People can say 'oh it's bad for your body' well guess what? Being a fucking MMA fighter is harmful for your body ffs. I'd venture to say at least 1/2 of all guys in the sport are on some form of PED or another, including HGH which unless you are blood testing (which the NSAC does not do) is not detectable, so why not just even the playing field?

    So while it was pretty obvious that the Reem was on PEDs to go from this:

    to this:
    It didn't bother me because he entertained the shit out of me when he fought.

    So yea, PED abusers run rampant in combat sports, so I won't act surprised when a guy gets popped. I would have thought however that he would have been smarter when he knew he was going to be getting randomly tested leading up to this fight because of the conditions of his temporary license after the Brock fight. Just disappointed in him for being so careless more than anything.
  11. Agreed. Definitely was careless and idiotic of him (or his back room staff). Either way, we probably won't see him. Is the title going to be stripped off him?
  12. Reem isn't the champ dog, Junior Dos Santos is.
  13. Oh wait, Overeem is #1 contender right?

    I thought his fight vs Brock was for the title for a second then.
  14. Yea the Brock fight was for a title shot.

    Reem was the Strikeforce champion as well as the K-1 Grand Prix Kickboxing World Champion (Basically the most prestigious kickboxing tournament in the world)
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