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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheShowoffChick, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Here recently, I have been on youtube checking out wrestlers in the independent curcuit and also watched some old videos of ring of honor such as matches between cm punk and daniel bryan from back then.I wish I could have watched ring of honor back then but sadly I missed out. I also watched old matches of Tyler black and Chris hero, which I've done a couple of times in the past and I like them both pretty well. One match I watched yeterday actually took place this year, and it was between colt cabana and adam pearce. I had already knew of colt and had watch maybe two or three matches a few years back but I've never watched or heard of Adam until just yesterday. I had also watched some a woman wrestle yesterday on youtube and she name was Sara del ray, and she was pretty good as well. Can anyone tell me other great wrestlers in the Indy curcuit that I should check out?
  2. El Generico, Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal also check out some old school Joe, Punk, Danielson, Mcguiness, The Kings of wrestling, Briscoes (current stuff also) and Kevin Steen for general goat ness from his 2nd PWG title reign. Cheerleader Melissa can also work, as can amazing Kong (Kharma) just google "Shimmer" and see who you fancy, womens wrestling isn't my strong suit sadly.

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  3. I'm too tired to write anything meaningful now, I'm just gonna post two random awesome CHIKARA matches:

  4. Try going out to a local event near by.
    May help you with this
  5. Jack Evans, dr wagner, Adam Cole, Kevin Steen, Generico,
  6. My advice is listen to Seabs tbh as the guy got me onto a lot of talented wrestlers I had heard of but never watched when I first came onto this site! Defo his El Generico tip tho guy is what Rey and Sin Cara should be!
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