Extreme Rules Discuss Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena at ER

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  1. Was it too early? Who do you think will win? What will happen after ER (will they still feud?).

    It was early but a good decision. I thought that we'd have wait couple of PPVs or even up to WM 29 to see the match. I think Brock Lesnar will win because it's very unlikely that Brock would lose his first match. It might not be clean but still it is ER. I heard Cena will be feuding with Lord Tensai very soon so after ER, that might happen. Maybe Lord Tensai might interfere on Cena's match also.
  2. Yes it was too early, I'm predicting Brock will win cleanly or Ace will cost Cena (which will be really gay).
  3. Dunno why this was booked so early on, I guess some kind of panic button was hit or something. All in all, it should be a very intriguing matchup to say the least. Hopefully Lesnar wins.
  4. Brock losing in his first match after 8 years wouldn't make sense, so it's only right if Lesnar wins.
  5. Cena wins we riot.

    I think Lesnar will win clean to help build up a potential 'will Cena meltdown/lose it?' type angle.

    Also no way they only have one match IMO. The feud will likely last a few months
  6. If they're turning him into a heel (which they've already done if you take a look at RAW last night) then expect Cena to win, cleanly.
  7. This feud will probably end around the time punk/jericho feud does. Then Lesnar will feud with punk to get the wwe title. this feud is just to keep the top 2 stars (lesnar and john cena) busy until the punk/y2j feud ends so lesnar can feud with punk for the title or something.

    as for the feud being early, its fine. i like how wwe took a risk by making it early and just having ace come out and declare the match. this is a more edgier and chance taking wwe. plus, early is something you have to do when a superstar only shows up twice a month.


    Naa, this feud is meant to portray cena as more of an underdog. fighting someone bigger/stronger/faster/more love by fans than him. wwe can't portay cena as an underdog without having him lose this match.


    I also like how this feud is the wwe version of goku vs broly.
  8. I don't get all this "Cena is now heel" fiasco, he's done nothing to insinuate that.
  9. Cena is definitely not heel or getting heel anytime soon. Yesterday he was just being more aggressive. Brock is the heel one. :gusta:
  10. So cant wait to see this match at Extreme Rules its gonna be messy. Since Brock is only signed for a year they obviously have to get things started as its a waste of money if he doesnt do much
  12. Thanks to Johnny and Otunga. :otunga:

  14. Thanks to the board members.
  15. Thanks to the fans/customers.
  16. Thanks to Cena for drawing those fans in. #It'sAViciousCircle
  17. OH HELL NO!
  18. Combo broken like a boss from Randy.

    PG won't end because of one guy. I get that tweeted to me all the time. "Will PG era end now?", "Has Cena turned heel?" OH HELL NO.
  19. I think that John is gonna get his a** kicked.
  20. Same. I hope it's clean too. No interferences, just have Brock completely overpowering him.
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