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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. So, according to this, Lesnar will be feuding with Orton. Is that a good decision if it were to happen? Should Lesnar be feuding with different person already? Cena/Lesnar feud only happened for 3 weeks. What does this mean for the match between Cena and Lesnar at ER? What's next for Cena?

  2. Lesnar vs. Orton

    Awkward moment when I've already posted this (sort of).

  3. Lesnar vs. Orton


    Noob Hoss.
  4. Lesnar vs. Orton

  5. Lesnar vs. Orton

    They be stealing my threads.
  6. Lesnar vs. Orton

    ITT Crew and Admin make others jelly because we can talk in closed threads.
  7. RE: Lesnar vs. Orton

    Bitch please.

    Remade this thread into an discussion.

    Re-opened. :awyeah:
  8. Lesnar vs. Orton

  9. Do we really need more threads about this? I'm just going to assume it's a bad rumor until it actually happens. Brock could be put to much better use.
  10. So I lose my post then you re-open it AGAIN!? #enraged
  11. These power hungry admins have crossed the line. We need staff members we can TRUST and DEPEND ON.

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  12. :yuno: copy and paste?
  13. Once again these guys just don't get it. I understand the problem here. He typed out a long and thoughtful message only to hit 'post reply' and to find out the thread has been locked. He moves on with his day, thinking the battle is lost. now he returns to this section and the thread is reopened. The message is history Seabs you insensitive jerk.

    D'Z, an understanding and caring staff member.

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  14. Amen brother. :never:
  15. Well said that man.

    D'Z 4 Staff 2012
  16. Blame Hoss he reopened it.
  17. Blame Seabs he closed it.
  18. Blame Xanth just cos.
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  19. Smh @ these guys refusing to take responsibility for their actions.

  20. wrestlingforums.net staff do fuck suck.
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