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  1. This week, there's 3 hours of Raw. 2 hours of Smackdown. 1 hour of Main Event, plus NXT and Superstars, plus Saturday Morning Slam, PLUS a 3 hour PPV... That's 12 hours of WWE programming this week.

    So... What are the issues with WWE having this much programming per week?

  2. Raw obviously never should have gone to three hours, as I'm sure WWE themselves now realize. Main Event should have never been created. There is already five hours of main TV (counting Raw and SD only) every week, did they really need an extra show and an extra hour just to showcase two more matches that could have easily been showcased on one of the two big shows, either Raw or Smackdown? Superstars also seems to be quite the pointless show, just as Sunday Night Heat (after awhile), Shotgun Saturday Night, Confidential and Velocity all were.

    Honestly, I don't even know what the hell Saturday Morning Slam is, but sounds pretty pointless as well.
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  3. I don't mind it at all although I won't be able to watch everything. I've skipped Smackdown and ME just because there's not enough time for me to watch everything. I say that it's a good thing because now they have so many hours in which if utilized correctly could be a great thing. For example more talent could be pushed since there's more time. Rivalries would get more exposure and build more hype up for the ppv's. The problem is that WWE isn't doing that right now. On average I think CM Punk comes out at least 2-3 a week to do some sort of promo during the show which could be used to develop something else. There used to be a time where every rivalry was almost as exciting as the next, but now it seems one dominates all.
  4. Raw and SD are necessary, even though there's an extra Raw hour which shouldn't be there. I think Main Event is the only extra thing that shouldn't really be there along with the third hour on Mondays, since NXT showcases different, younger talent (and is not even shown on the US currently), Superstars is just so low carders have a place to work (and actually has some good matches, so it's OK) and Slam is for kids. Hardcore fans normally watch every show, but the others should only watch Raw and SD in a perfect situation (two hours each, separate rosters). You can ignore Superstars, NXT and Slam if you don't feel like watching development guys, low carders and a crappy kids show. The overkill is ME and the third Raw hour imo.
  5. Add in all the social media that the superstars are involved in as well, it really is over the top. If you watch old attitude era segments and see when Austin/Rock first arrive at a show, the crowd go fucking insane. However when a top star arrives now, the crowd are so much quieter. The main reason for this is obviously the difference in age groups between the fans back then and the fans now. But the other reason is probably because the fans have gotten bored of seeing that guy on Raw, Smackdown, PPV, Main Event, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and wherever else. They definitely need to add more of a mystique around superstars like they used to, it makes them more interesting to fans.
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