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  1. As all of you active members know, Xanth and I are let's say different than your regular Admins, right? I mean, a lot of forums -- especially when they get bigger -- tend to have the robotic Administrators who are professional through and through but tend to interact realistically much less with the members. However, Xanth and I from day one will publicly go into a thread and insult each other and don't post any differently than any other member right? Most of the time anyway.

    What's your opinion on it? Should we act more professional? Or are we too professional (lol)? I speak to a LOT of different admin's as I'm an active contributor to the MyBB forum, and the contrast in styles is great. You have the more strict (or as we would say, dictader) type administrators who stick to their rules and you will be permanently banned with no chances for breaking them. The same type will harshly punish low-quality members and won't be seen as anything other than a professional on their fourm. You have others that have zero experience at all and only open a forum for the power, "fame" and financial reasons. There's a wide variety.

    I just thought this would be cool to discuss. Personally I'm a big fan of our style but I'm obviously bias. We're professional and strict where we need to be but I proudly say that this forum is incredibly lenient. The controversial side to our style isn't really our leniency though it's the way we act. We act like regular members of the community (in my opinion anyway). I will join a thread and reply to it whether I come off professional or not, it doesn't even go through my mind, but I obviously don't break the rules I made (inb4 I do). And Xanth is just socially awkward and my little pet but he has his role too, someone needs to eat the left overs.

    If no one replies to this I ban one third of the forum.
  2. I like your Administration style. I've visited plenty of other forums where Admins are pretty strict. I think it's good that you & Xanth interact with most threads and have banter with other members. I don't think you need to be professional, I think just members need to be warned more frequently with flaming and crap in the future.

    The reason I like your 'Style' is because I feel like I'm talking to a friend (Which I consider you) but other forums I've been on you feel like you're talking to a boss. Like you can't say something because you'll piss them off and get banned.

    To cut it short I like your style, stick with it.
  3. :yay:.

    Btw this thread isn't a "should I change or not?" thread, I'm just curious. I'm fine with my style and it won't change, lol. Unless of course I receive hate mail from Dolph's.
  4. Well that's good. I'm glad my input helped a little. :obama:
  5. I like your style. :pity:
  6. tempted to junk everyone's post.
  7. You guys aren't funny and nobody likes you. :pity:
  8. And you're adopted :pity1:.
  9. No not at all, on other forums the leaders are like the high class guys, you feel like you have to have a good reputation there and be a high class user in order to even quote them in a post, I don't like that feeling. It makes everything feel weird, and it makes me feel less of myself at times when I try to post. Here you're like another user, of course you know when to stop stuff and warn people and stuff, but aside from that, it feels like everyone is equal here, right when I signed up, I didn't even know you were an Admin actually, and you just felt like another user, so I prefer what you guys are doing. I think the banter is pretty entertaining as well.
  10. That explains my black parents. :shock:
  11. I must say I rather like the style. It fits the site well and makes people feel welcome. In some situations the formal style does work though I reckon.
  12. It's the reason I'm here just now.
  13. Yet you abuse me in your signature. #Scotland
  14. It's good. I've been in stagnant forums where the leaders don't interact and it's annoying....then everyone leaves, and it dies. Keep it up =)
  15. It's not abuse, it's the truth :true:
  16. I like it.

    It's unique and that's what makes it better. You aren't an 'admin' so to speak, you're just another member of the family.

    Family > Dictader.

  17. It's like a 2.5/10

    step your professionalism up you hacks.
  18. Lol surprised you would want more professionalism, but then again you're most likely being sarcastic and baiting me into this pointless response.
  19. I am not your pet and I don't need everything. :sad:
  20. Who's ass is that in your Avy?
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