Discussion of this weeks NXT, 25th April show

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. So let's discuss this weeks episode of NXT.

    This week started of with Striker saying that since Hawkins and Reks have been on screen fired and Young and O'neil have gone to Smackdown we will begin seeing new faces on NXT in the next coming weeks. Looks like a good jump on point for those who have been interested in watching NXT but doesn't want to go through a backlog of episodes. Hornswoggle was then revealed as the guest GM for the night since Regal was out recruiting new talent. Hornswoggle did a surprisingly good job as GM. Not hogging to much screentime but getting the job done in a entertaining manner.

    Bateman then faced JTG in a good 10-15 minute match. JTG seems to be establishing himself as one of the new heels on the show and was given time to cut a promo before the match that instigated the match itself.

    The Maxine-Johnny Curtis story was developed and I don't know if I personally should feel bad for Curtis having to behandcuffed to Maxine of just be jealous since it's Maxine.

    We then got a decent Divas tag team match that went on for somewhere between five and ten minutes between the teams of Tamina and Kaitlyn vs Maxine and Natalya.

    The main event was a tag team between Tyson Kidd and Percy Watson vs Curtis and The perfect son Joe Henning (Refuses to spell McGillicutty all the time.) Henning attacked Percy backstage before the match though and Swoggle as a result made the match a one on one between Kidd and Curtis. Henning instead joining Stryker on commentary. Kidd and Curtis had some surprising chemistry in the ring considering I've never seen a match between the two before. The match was really good and went on for between 15 to 20 minutes and ended when Tyson whipped out his new custom made submission hold for the second week in a row.

    NXT continues to be the overall best show WWE is putting out which is surprising to some. I think it is obvious that Henning is being built as the big heel on the show now and Kidd and Bateman being built up to be the new top faces. This being possible since they move in different circles. Kidd being a veteran and Bateman being a rookie. Who that will be the next big heel alongside the perfect son remains to be seen. The show gets a 4 outta five from me.

    Discuss what you thought peeps.
  2. I liked the show, and Kidd vs Curtis was surprisingly good. I don't like Hornswoggle, but since he didn't take up a lot of time and didn't wrestle it's OK. But what really intrigued me was Striker saying there would be new faces. Will talent from FCW be brought up into NXT or something?
  3. That would be the most logical. They have talked about revamping FCW for awhile and maybe combining FCW and NXT would be the way to go. I hope we will see guys like Richie Steamboat, Kassius Ohno, Seth Rollins, the Rotundo brothers, Leakee, Leo Kruger and maybe even the newly signed Brodie Lee in a NXT ring soon.
  4. Yeah, it would be cool to see them in action on NXT, would shake things up and all. NXT getting closer and closer to the WWECW concept is also interesting. But I think the roster is way too crowded, they should let a few people go and them bring up some new guys, and not many are necessary, IMO.
  5. NXT's current roster page on WWE.com currently consists of Bateman, Maxine and Watson. I think they're roster can take a few more. :otunga:
  6. Wow. I hadn't noticed that. Did anyone say WWE had a slim roster right now? NXT has one, at least. No, but seriously, there are lots of guys who aren't on that roster and show up regularly, like Kidd, McGillicutty, Curtis, Riley, Tatsu, JTG, Usos, sometimes Slater, or even Gabriel. I do agree they could use some new talent. If there are lots of people, put longer shows on, cut those stupid video packages, we already see them enough on Raw, SD and Superstars. Then, lots of new talent would be welcome.
  7. I think it's a great way to develop talent... Movin up the shows

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