Discussion thread: Is Big Show still being active a hinder for young guys?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Read a discussion article on this subject on Bleacher Report that got me thinking, I realized that this could be a very good subject for us here on the forum.

    Show has been one of the WWE's most memorable and reliable wrestlers for the past 10 years. So many stars have been pushed to new heights in their careers by feuding with Show (Cena one of the most shining examples.) Show has been one of those wrestlers that have been willing to job to almost anyone and he has a guaranteed Hall of Fame career. But is it time for Show to retire?

    The reasoning behind such a bold statement is that Big Show's size has disadvantaged other big men wrestlers, and impedes their advancement up the ranks. This might seem contradictory to the idea that Big Show has put many wrestlers over, but this is about the type of wrestler that Show is able to help.

    A feud with Show is great to enhance a guy that is smaller than Show. The David and Goliath feuds Show has with smaller guys was the first step on the previously mentioned Cena to where he is today (this was before Cena hulked up to his current size) and Daniel Bryan was recently propelled into the main event by double feuding with Show and Henry. Close to a dozen of other wrestlers have been given the same opportunity over the years with varying results.

    These men battle against the odds, and get to show the will and determination to overcome the impossible, which is a vital element for any smaller wrestler in the current WWE.

    However, big wrestlers don't get the same rub from taking on Big Show as they get overpowered by a bigger, stronger opponent. These types of wrestlers don't even get the kudos when they hit a big move on Show, as it's almost expected because smaller guys have already achieved it.

    Looking weak, especially in a powerhouse wrestler's first legitimate feud, can stop a superstar's momentum dead. In worst case scenarios, it has even ended careers.

    The one big guy that has gotten out of this recently is Sheamus, he has yet to face Show in a feud and is now already a established main eventer, him being run over by Show now would not hurt him. Brodus Clay's massive momentum was recently stopped by Show as another example.

    With so many bigger guys coming through FCW's program and a real need for them on the WWE roster, Show must stand aside and let them develop.

    Big Show has had a great career and deserves one last major feud to go out on, but the future will be much brighter if his career comes to the end soon.

  2. That's certainly an interesting point of view, Although I don't know if he's simply burying big guys (see Ezekiel Jackson and Mark Henry). Despite guys like Cena doing the same thing, Zeke still looked like a monster when he was able to powerslam Big Show, if nothing else because Cena's the only guy you see doing it... so casuals could see Zeke in the same vein as SuperCena. (Sorry for the terrible description, not really sure how to put that into words)

    The main issue with him is how strong they try to make him look. Just letting him cut a small promo or interrupt matches on Raw is enough (annoying when we watch it live, but it's better than putting him in matches), the guy's size is enough to make him a credible monster. There's no excuse for him to do stuff like he did to the tag division, it doesn't make Show look any better and won't make the fans care, so all it does is bury the tag division.

    With him being in this main-event feud with Cena and cutting some really good (by his standards) promos, if he can go from this to putting over Riley (or Kidd) before he retires, that would be the best thing possible.
  3. I agree with it all. When was the last time he has jobbed clean though? They reference him putting people over, and yes years ago when he was heel he did, but who recently? Cleanly? Whoever he feuds with now most of the time just look terrible. Bryan I guess came off relatively well, but it all accomplished was Bryan being a fucking coward which I guess was his character at the time. It certainly didn't help him though because no one cares about Big Show any more.

    Does he need to retire though? Not really, he can definitely help the tag-team division out or actually LOSE some matches CLEAN.
  4. What's the use if they make him bury everyone (him beating Rhodes was obvious for me and I had already accepted it, but looking back it seems like it was f***ing stupid) and instead of having the guy slowly get out of the way while putting young guys over they put him in a ME heel run? And a feud with Cena (who's one of the only few guys who don't need to be put over) where he is protected and keeps burying guys like Clay, for example? Unless this huge push ends in him putting one guy over as a big ME (Ryback, for example) there's no use in him being around if they're going to use him like that, it just clogs up WWE. I respect Wight as a person, as he'll job to anyone and such, but if they keep using him incorrectly he should just retire.
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