Disliking bacon = ban

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  4. Oink oink, bitch

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    In the nearly-unheard of scenario where through some nonsense a poor, misguided soul admits that he or she does not like bacon, should that person be banned? I say yes. The forum does not need that kind of utter nonsense polluting its popularity.

    I suggest that the Terms of Service and any other rules / regulations be edited and updated with an amendment that anyone who does not like bacon -- let alone who has the audacity to actually admit such malarkey -- shall be banned immediately.

    #BaconPower #BanCrayo #PeoplePower

    (Reference: http://wweforums.net/threads/bacon.33350/#post-774782 )
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  2. I like it fine but it is incredibly overrated
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  3. Agree with Dolph's. I'm really surprised that EpicMealTime isn't sick of Bacon. They eat it with literally EVERYTHING
  4. Dude.... #BanCrayo #BaconPower
  5. Hence why EpicMealTime is awesome. They know where it's at.
  6. I love EpicMealTime. I used to love bacon like them. But now... I can't even look at bacon after going through that Bacon-thon.
  7. it's good, but it doesn't really stand out even ahead of sausage or ham as a breakfast meat for me. I'll eat it, but I've never understood the OMG BACON crowd
  8. In b4 #skinnyjeans
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  9. It's alright, not the best thing in the world though.
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  10. such a hilarious hash tag for the juveniles
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  11. I like crispy bacon, so I can't get that satisfaction from sausage or ham. Like all three of them though. I'm a lover of the meats.
  12. Don't shoot the messenger bro. Bro?
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Not only is it Quagmire, but it's a head quickly moving in and out of a hole. You win all around! :win:
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  15. I can't stand crispy bacon. I slapped my mom so many times growing up when she over cooked my bacon
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  16. You liking limp meat somehow does not surprise me.
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  17. I thought we were making fun of Gayo and FatXanth together
  18. Xanth is bulletproof. Crayo on the other hand.....
  19. there is middle ground. sounds like you suck at bacon
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