[Disturbing] Fox News airs suicide on live TV

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. They were following a car chase, he gets out and runs a bit then shoots himself in the head. You don't really see anything apart from the gun to his head then he falls forward and they cut away to a break.

    I guess it might be disturbing to some..


    Personally, I don't see why they do these car chase things regularly, but I also don't see why news needs to be censored. It's the facts of life.
  2. Idk how to feel about this on one hand I hate Fox news because they'll tear down someone's character, but as soon as they do something they don't like they act like it doesn't exist. They like to paint these highly opinionated pictures of people without any real information on who that guy was. It makes their viewers believe anyone who commits a crime is just fucked up in the head. I'm not justifying crime or anything like that, but to criticize something without knowing the motivation is shallow. That's why I only watch fox when Family Guy is on.

    On the hand of course they can't air a suicide. Gotta remember that fox is a basic channel so any kid flicking the remote could easily have access to stuff like that. On that part only I'll side with Fox.
  3. They really should be airing something so risky with a 10-15 second delay, as the potential for shit like this happening is pretty high.
  4. Saw this yesterday.
  5. This is what fox news panders to, the biased horrible people who think running from the police and then suiciding will equal money back in their pockets, since crimes are so expensive to the taxpayer (not entirely false)

    The shame is fox has set the main standard for most media outlets, i find myself watching RT to get my news worth watching here at home. Sad.
  6. It was supposedly on a 5sec delay thats why he says 'off off off off' even tho it's showing him.

    The delay was on his monitor, not what we see.
  7. "get off it! get of it! get off it! get off it!"

    Kinda too late there buddy.
  8. It was on a five second delay which was stupid.

    Fox later apologizes saying it should've been 10 second delay, the crew didn't realize.... :facepalm:
  9. Is this even legal? Leave it to fox news to degrade someone and show a suicide on Live tv.
  10. We dont have worthwhile news anymore in mainstream. Fox, CNBC, Today, NBC, CNBC, all are just propaganda. This was shock value, and here we are, a small % of the main media, eating it up (no offense intended, just saying it worked)
  11. Actually the delay was backwards... Meaning that the video was live and brodcaster was delayed so that's what happened. Someone was fired im assuming.
  12. One would assume someone got fired. :haha:
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