Diva claims Batista got her fired

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  1. Former WWE and TNA star Shelly Martinez [known as Shelly and Ariel in WWE] recently spoke to VOC Nation Radio and talked about Batista getting her fired from the WWE.

    “Batista and I had an aggressive conversation backstage and he said something that was unnecessary and uncalled for. If it had been outside of wrestling, I’m pretty sure it could have been a legal problem for both Batista and WWE. But this is wrestling, and it’s a man’s business, so I fired back and they fired me. I was just a vampire girl in the fake ECW. He was Batista, and they wanted to accommodate him.

    Source: Pwmania
  2. Hahahahah just what? Whatever hated that character anyway.
  3. She said this in a shoot interview a few year' ago. Shelly would of eventually got released anyways.
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  4. Batista is an asshole he was banging all the divas backstage and he probably tried it on with Shelly but she refused and he obviously kicked off and got her fired
  5. Hm. Too bad.
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  6. Normally I'd call you an idiot but I'd speculate you aren't too far away. He's been known to be a womaniser with a massive ego, if that was bruised it could have caused him to act rash. It wouldn't stand up in court but it is plausible.
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  7. Anytime I read a shoot interview, yes, even the ones that involve guys like Jim Cornette, when they start bitching about a company they got fired from, I always take their statements with a huge grain of salt. Just remember, this is one person's side of the issue and it's highly probable that none of us was there when it happened, so we don't actually know what happened.

    That's all. Return to your regularly-scheduled Batista bashing, if that's what you were doing beforehand (which not all of you were...I'm just sayin').

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  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he went around putting up Mickey James' nude photos, correct?
    I think he also said he would leave the company if she wasn't fired. Think I read that Taker had to calm Batista down during the whole fire James or I quit ordeal.

  9. Kelly Kelly banged all the guys backstage, that also makes her an asshole.
  10. Fixed
  11. Batista is a Riker-Level boss.

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