Diva Eva Marie talks about Wrestlemania

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  1. WWE Diva Eva Marie Talks about what it was like being a part of Wrestlemania XXX.......“To be even a part of WrestleMania is a huge accomplishment because WrestleMania is the Super Bowl of wrestling. It’s the biggest event of the year, the second biggest is SummerSlam, but to be even a part of (WrestleMania) was insane, considering just one year prior I was just watching from the sidelines going ‘Oh my gosh, this is crazy’. And then, to actually be in a match with the rest of the main roster divas was insane because there is literally nothing like it; you cannot even describe what’s it’s like to walk out there and be surrounded by 80,000+ people all excited about to watch the show go down. So, I was just extremely grateful to even be part of such a big show that night.”

  2. would bust in her hair
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  3. The Royal Rumble is actually the second biggest PPV of the year, not Summerslam. I know it's irrelevant information, just saying. :4/10:
  4. WWE would rather you forget about Survivor Series and Royal Rumble ever even being an original PPV. SummerSlam and WrestleMania are the only two events that matter now.
  5. Eva Marie should be in every PPV, she's nothing but gold.
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  6. Eh, the Royal Rumble still has a lot of prestige, they just for some reason love to promote Summerslam as their second biggest PPV of the year despite the Rumble scoring the second largest PPV buyrate each year right behind Mania (not to mention the Rumble is home to the most popular gimmick match in WWE history.) It's a shame that Survivor Series means hardly anything anymore though considering that other than Wrestlemania there's arguably been more historical moments that have happened at Survivor Series than at any other PPV.
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