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  1. Post who you would want to date in Wrestling, (Or rate).

    Eve Torres for me :emoji_heart: 10/10
  2. How's this a spoiler?

    Layla for me.
  3. Velvet Sky and Layla . . . at the same time. :emoji_slight_smile:



    Ironic how you chose someone who is british? :dozey:
  4. If we're counting TNA then Velvet Sky, Mickie James, Christy Hemme and Brooke Tessmacher. If it's just WWE then Layla and EVE.
  5. What can I say. It's nothing to do with that though, it's just she's perfection :emoji_heart:. Though Maryse would be in my post too if she was still with WWE.

    Big fan of Michelle McCool, Rosa Mendes and Bella-twins and MICKIE JAMES :emoji_heart:.
  6. So going to be a popular thread.

    Layla, Eve, Mickie, Velvet, Aksana and Kaitlyn.
  7. How could anyone forget Aksana?!
  8. Oh god, I forgot the Bella-Twins.. I would love a little "Twin-magic" :emoji_heart:

    Also forgot Mickie James :emoji_wink:
  9. #TwinMagic

  10. Twin-magic featuring Eve Torres? I just found the ultimate fantasy. :rofl:

    Also, changed the thread from spoiler to no spoiler. I didn't realized I even clicked spoiler to be honest. I was buzzed last night when I made this thread lmao.
  11. Ft Eve and Layla....

  12. Fivesome? Damn you go hardcore Crayo. :emoji_wink: