Diva Too Risque For Kids Show?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. If she's too risque, will they have any divas on the show?
  2. So no Cobra from Santino?

    And she's too sexy I suppose.
  3. Probably no Divas then, yeah. I guess if some kid is watching Saturday morning programming, a mom walks by and sees a woman slapping another on the butt (which happens a lot on Divas matches) it could look bad for WWE. They even blur their own site's logo.
  4. It's a damn shame for them little kids who view hoping to see pretty ladies.
  5. I don't think kids care about that.
  6. I don't get it. By turning kids on to Saturday Morning Slam, they're turning them on to WWE.
    When they're hooked on WWE, they'll watch Raw.
    When they watch Raw, they see all the stuff they hid on Saturday Morning Slam.
  7. I think the thing is time and TV ratings. If this one's G instead of PG they can't show certain things there I guess.
  8. I did, when I was 8 all I wanted to do was see Trish Stratus :lol1:
  9. Really? Until I was at least 12 I didn't care about it much.
  10. Yeah she was my favourite diva lmao!
  11. I didn't watch WWE when I was 8 but I don't think I was into seeing pretty woman just for the sake of it at the time. But I can understand why WWE won't put them on Slam.
  12. "Mommy, somethings happening in my pants"
  13. That's just got past disturbing.
  14. :lol1:

    More because if moms saw a Divas match on TV on Saturday Morning they'd complain... but wasn't this match recorded when Rosa was taking time off?
  15. I cant believe there is a G rated kids show anyway where there is wrestling. What do they do slap 3-4 feet away and pretend it works still? Garbage.
  16. Rosa to risque then why does she still have a job?
  17. Because she's not too risque for Raw/SD/Superstars/NXT/PPVs etc.
  18. If they have a kids show rated G, then why the fuck won't they make the adult WWE show rated TV-MA?
  19. Someone post the kellykelly sink pee please.
  20. Sexist.


    Guys almost naked = fine.
    Girls almost naked = NOT FINE!!!
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