Diva Wars

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Rosie lottalove, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. I am making a fic of divas(past, present, future) all on one show. Eve torres is the women's champion. There is a divas champion but don't know who that will be yet.

    Let me know what you think so far! I will have matches soon.


    Women’s champion Eve Torres is shown being interviewed by Josh Matthews

    Eve you have received challenges for you title and you have turned all of them! Do you mind if I ask why.

    Ha Ha Ha! Listen Josh I have kicked everyone’s *** 100 times in the ring. So far no one has been able to compete on my level. Kelly Kelly, Kaitlyn, Tamina, no one of those losers have measured up to me. All of those divas have known what it is like to know what my boots taste like. Until WWE actually brings someone who might actually stand a chance against me

    How’s about me!

    Velvet Sky approaches Josh.

    And who might you be.

    Velvet Sky
    Velvet Sky just came in from TNA and I can be your worst nightmare.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha! Am I being Punk’d. They actually think some Barbie doll can actually take on me. Listen why you don’t go play in your sandbox or something and leave the business to the big girls. I just realized that I know who you are. You were one of the beautiful people! But I don’t know how because there is nothing beautiful about you.

    Velvet has a pissed off look on her face

    Why don’t you back up! If you want to face me it is your funeral. I sent Smelly Kelly to the hospital last week maybe you can join her and make a new friend. But there is no way you are taking my baby away from me. You have no idea what you are up against.

    Velvet Sky grabs the mic from Eve

    Velvet Sky
    You’re on! And tonight I am going that big fat mouth of yours. Other divas may be intimated by you or afraid but I am not.


    Santino is shown carrying Beth’s coffee.


    Ah Ms. Melina to what do I owe this beautiful pleasure.

    We need to talk. I have seen the way Beth has been treating you recently and frankly I don’t like what im seeing. I mean you are like her man slave you deserve to be with someone so much better.

    Like who

    I care about you so much Santino.


    I was just getting ready to ready to bring this to you.

    Its about **** time. I wanted this coffee an hour ago and it is ice cold probably. I asked you to get me coffee not pick up any trash you see on your way.

    Excuse me! I think Santino deserves to be with an actual woman and that sure as hell isn’t you. Ill see you in the ring tonight.

    Melina walks away.


    Absolutely nothing baby.

    There better not be. I have no problem breaking you and Melina in half.

    Santino has a really scared look on his face.
  2. I'm worried that since the Internet wrestling community usually shares on the divas division.... You may not get a lot of interest.
  3. I get it but im going to have a lot of fresh ideas
  4. The first thing I'm going to have to bring up is coding needs improvement but most importantly this needs some kind of structure within the text itself. What it means is you give us no indictation of the scene change from Eve/Velvet to Santino/Melina/Beth. It's just suddenly, Santino/Melina/Beth. Secondly, there were a few sentences that really don't make sense to me. Prime example "All of those divas have known what it is like to know what my boost like." What does this mean? It seems kind of weird that your first post is comprised entirely of backstage segments to. A bit off-putting too but just a bit so it's not really a problem.

    As for what you're building too, I'm honestly not interested. I love Eve but I couldn't care less about Velvet Sky. Similarly, I think Melina and Beth are fantastic but Santino kills it for me. Also, the story of Melina wanting Santino just comes off as out of character for me.

    As always though, I'll continue to read. Hopefully this continues, a lot of them seem to end within a few shows (real shame, especially in cases like with Stopspot's).
  5. My second chapter is almost done...
  6. There's a reason I didn't say "all of them" you know. Looking forward to by the way.
  7. "Velvet Sky from TNA" the only problem with that is in reality WWE wouldn't mention TNA for any reasons, especially the woman division. The structure is slightly off-putting like stated above as it's pretty much all over the place. At least, you're trying though as your ideas could quite possibly be a great way to change the diva's division.
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