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  1. On Smackdown last night marked the first Divas Contract signing in WWE history. Personally, I think the entire segment highlighted the feud well between AJ and Kaitlyn and was AJ's best heel performance to date. On top of that, the ending was strong and gave some more momentum to Kaitlyn going into MITB on Sunday.

    What were your thoughts on the segment? Do you think we could see a new Divas champion crowned at MITB?
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  2. Only watch the first 40 minutes of SmackDown as the stream sucked, but this is pretty good. This feud has really pushed the divas division. AJ vs. Kaitlyn has ladted at least 3 months, yet I don't think they've feuded enough yet. Kelly Kelly vs. Brie bella lasted 3 months and I was wishing it had ended at this point. Really interesting feud. Maybe Layla or Natalya could interfere in the title match.
  3. Kaitlyn looked just eww.

    Anyways, the segment was pretty good imo, don't get why they had to bring all the diva's out there.. I mean if you give them TV Time at least give them a role, don't let them just stand there for nothing.
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  4. I agree with what you said about the roles of the other Divas. Unfortunately for the other Divas in the division, there haven't been any other developed storylines and feuds to present to the fans. Therefore, they're put in these situations where they stand around looking pretty either during a segment between AJ/Kaitlyn or used as arm candy during some male matches. Having only one title belt might have something to do with that but overall I think management isn't that invested in developing the division any further, and as a result the fans don't care much about it either. One positive, however, is that AJ and Kaitlyn are moving the division in the right direction by giving the division some much-needed attention and hopefully that will help develop more storylines and feuds in the future.
  5. Dat spear
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  6. It was indeed a very good segment for the Divas. This AJ/Kaitlyn feud should be revisited quite a few times in the future, it works well. Great Spear by Kaitlyn as always, and it's nice to see some spotlight at least on the Divas when they actually give them something to do.
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    Kaitlyn has shown what we all know. Strength will lose to intelligence again at MITB. #LetsGoAJ!
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  8. I have 0 interest in AJ
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  9. Don't need to be interested in her to acknowledge that she has been the shining light of a poor divas division as of late. Her mic work is great, and she is playing her heel role as the antagonist to perfection.
  10. Agree to disagree there. Personally I feel that it is as dead as before AJ got her push.
  11. Are you crazy? They get weekly build time, and it has actually been great build. Way more than anything we've had in recent years.

    Anyway, Kaitlyn's spear was beautiful in this segment. Just seen it for the second time today and wow.
  12. I won't disagree on the build. They are trying and they are getting time.

    I just can't find a personal reason to care in either diva involved. The build itself is quite good and the division is good from that standpoint. I just think the players in the division are uninteresting. I'd like to see most of the divas more fleshed out as characters. Give me a reason to care about them from the word go. Most are either bubbly, happy go lucky girls or bitches. I'd like some diversity.
  13. I thought it was great, personally. The division is a huge pile of shit and these two are making it so that people can take it at least a bit more seriously than anyone has for a long time. I wasn't too fond of Kaitlyn before but she is growing on me.

    Thing is, when these two are done feuding, there really isn't anyone else....
  14. No way does AJ lose the title tomorrow night. Not unless they want to do some kind of swerve where she wins the belt right back on a Raw or at Summerslam. Either way, once the AJ/Kaitlyn rivalry ends, don't expect anything other than AJ still being the Diva's Champion. If I didn't already believe it wouldn't take so long to debut a new Diva from NXT (like Paige or someone), I'd say keep the belt on AJ all the way up until Wrestlemania. Have her escape with the title against any Diva she is put up against until one finally shows up to dethrone her.

    Btw, this is the first feud between women since Trish Stratus and Lita (which was the first period) that actually has me interested, so kudos to them for that.
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  15. It's interesting. There hasn't been this kind of build up for a Diva's match for a long long time. AJ and Kaitlyn work very good together, and the segment was interesting. Kaitlyn's spear looked completely brutal, as if she tore AJ apart. I don't see anything bad coming out of this feud, since the division was completely dead before. My only wonder is, when AJ/Kaitlyn is done, who will step up next? The other divas seem to be just no characters and dull at the moment. They can debut a new Diva, but I only hope that WWE doesn't screw that Diva up in the future.
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  16. Hey, look, some honest emotion out of Kaitlyn. About time. It's a shame what's happened to her, she had such a bubbly personality on NXT. What happened to it?
    Either way this was no time to be bubbly, very nice work with a more intense promo.
    That smack to Big E made me jump out of my chair, not to mention that spear. Damn that was awesome.
    This and the secret admirer segment have been great television. There's real personal issues they can play off of here with a backstory to both characters. That's something WWE rarely has an opportunity to do at all, not just with the Divas. It's a shame that most of it was thrown away in favor of stupid fat jokes.
  17. Lol'd at HULK SMASH!

  18. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  19. Nice Gifs! :emoji_slight_smile:
  20. No, no, no, no, god no. The problem isn't that there isn't enough belts for them, the problem is that these women plainly suck so bad. NXT never even had a women's belt until recently and they've had them fighting and built to be just as important as men for quite sometime. THEN, they added the belt. Everyone besides AJ has exactly no substance at all. I'm sorry but one player not completely sucking out of a whole team doesn't really compel me to be interested.

    I do agree though that recent developments might possibly be the beginning of something better. We'll just see what happens.
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