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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 28, 2013.

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  1. AJ Lee has retained the Diva's championship by defeating Brie Bella, again. I highly doubt they are going to give Brie another shot at the championship, so what is going to happen to the division now? I don't wanna see Nikki go after belt really, I want the Bellas to stay far away from the Diva's championship scene(even though I heard Brie put on a decent match herself). Are they going to give Natalya another shot, or perhaps Layla or Tamina will turn on her?
  2. You got Brie and Nikki mixed up
  3. Sad part is, I originally wrote Brie and thought I mixed them up so put Nikki :upset:
  4. Debut Paige? She's probably not ready and it would probably be a major let down, but it's the only thing that could even get me vaguely interested in...actually, no, I'm not interested at all. I guess AJ could face Natalya. But Natalya sucks on the mic and her wrestling skills are completely wasted on the talentless mannequins she has work with, so...
  5. Tamina will screw AJ out of the title at some point soon.
  6. As long as someone takes the belt away from her I will be happy. @Queen Chrysalis - Brie put on a decent match. She must have trained some with her man because I saw some shades of DB in her moves.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if they had AJ go through the entire Total Divas cast to prove that she is the true Total Diva. Since Natalya and Naomi didn't get a singles match, I could see either one getting the opportunity next. If they don't go that route, I could see Tamina turning on AJ and wanting the title for herself.
  8. AJ should either turn face or lose the title in a good feud and get some timw off (3-5 months) Then come back with a fresh gimmick/Face
  9. Thought they were building up to Natalya being the penultimate Diva to finally unseat AJ at Wrestlemania or something, but they can't do that now.
    Better be Paige.
  10. Even though Natalya has wrestled alongside Khali again, yeah, have Natalya challenge her.
  11. Paige will debut on the main roster attack AJ and take the divas title off her
  12. Brie has impressed me in the ring as of late. She just has this unreal dude like voice when she wrestles though that bugs me. I wouldn't mind her feuding more with AJ though outside of that. I'm just being picky
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