Divas invitational match how it will work hasent been explained

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  1. Divas invitational match how it will work hasent been explained Vickie wouldnt say when she did commentary on Smackdown so this leads me to think something big is gonna happen a possible debut by Paige? and she will be involved in this match my god I will mark out if she debuts at WM30
  2. No one fucking cares about Paige, so shut the fuck up about her.

    Anyways, it's all 12/13 of them in the ring, first pinball or submission wins.
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  3. I hope paige gets knocked off the ring apron and breaks her ankle

    @SharpySandow I'm at it again!
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  4. Why do I feel like I've seen this post before? :troll:
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  5. Dreaming too big on that one BLFFL..
    They're saying we should find out here shortly, probably on RAW or SD this week so stay tuned if you really care that much..
    The only confirmed part is that there are 14 competitors.
  6. It should be an elimination match... one pinfall/submission won't work with the ring clogged with 14 divas. Tamina is going to win the title anyway... so predictable.
  7. Paige will interfer in the match then destroy all 14 divas and show the world she is the most dominate diva to ever walk into WWE
  8. How about no. Maybe I'll accept the run-in if she blows a quad on her way to the ring.
  9. I feel like one super kick from Tamina would do Paige in, kayfabe or not. Damn that woman has a mean right foot, lol. I'd like to see Paige put Tamina in that submission hold of hers though. Then you can call me impressed.
  10. ...no.

    99% sure Vickie said it was one fall to the finish, so one pin will do it.

    Willing to bet on that?
  11. I thought they explained the rules on WWE.com? It's an open invitational, meaning everyone is in the ring or the outside of it at the same time, and there are no count outs or disqualifications. One fall to the finish, via either a pin fall or a submission, which means that AJ doesn't even have to be personally pinned or forced into submission by one of the other Divas to lose her championship.

    Hopefully they stick with these rules and don't make it an elimination style match. That'll just drag it out too long.
  12. In kayfabe, this seems like we'll be watching the PC play a Money in the Bank match on Legend difficulty.
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  13. Just this.
  14. I can't say I'm surprised. I'm sure they'll half-ass this match like they do with everything else in the Divas Division.
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  15. Better last less than 3 minutes
  16. Kevin Nash says....

  17. Yeah on all the match cards I'm reading they're all saying single-fall match with all 14 in the ring at the same time.. Please let this match only be two minutes ending with a Tamina boot to AJ's cray cray face.
  18. Yeah it should only last as long as Big Show and Lesnar did. 1 minute and 54 seconds
  19. Despite all the reasons for Tamina to be booked to win, due to Total Divas and the last few weeks I think Naomi is getting the belt.
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