WrestleMania Divas' match at Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Someone had to bring it up.

    WWE has an interesting dilemma with the divas... The Champ hasn't been seen in weeks and has just been squashing random people on Superstars for some reason, and the main push has been with the "Eve Torres is a Total Hoeski" storyline, teasing a Kelly Kelly vs Eve storyline.

    From f4wonline:
    *Incoming WWE Rant Alert*

    While nobody cares about the Divas, it's really appalling how us at WWEforums.net have more of a long-term plan than WWE itself. They're 2 weeks away from Wrestlemania, and they still can't figure out what the card is going to be. There have been plenty of great ideas on this site and it's not hard for a Creative team to book them. Because of this stupidity, they can't do Beth vs Anybody because Beth has no momentum, and no faces are being pushed right now. They can't do the once-dream-match of Beth vs Natalya because WWE loves making their talent look like idiots.

    Maybe they can do a mixed tag with Ryder and somebody, bring in another celebrity, or have another Miss Wrestlemania battle royal. What do you guys think will/could happen, and what would you like to see that could potentially get your interest(if anything)?

  2. If I'm honest, if they can't get Kharma then scratch the match. No one gives a rats ass about the other divas but it's not their fault. When you book divas to have 30 second matches, no one is going to care.
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  3. Trish vs. Beth for the Diva Title! Or Kelly Kelly vs. Beth for the Diva Title!
  4. ... which adds to the steam of Summerslam being the IC title of PPV's

    Dolph's said he thought WWE was more interesting post-Mania and he added weight to that debate

    Kharma/Beth at the Slam given a healthy build can make SummerSlam watchable again

    Summerslam was Bret Hart's (fave) sig PPV, so I'm biased. Mania is Mania when all the stars come out. SSlam is when the young guys shine
  5. To be honest, post-mania is when wrestlemania rematches happen and the same result happens 99% of the time. But the summer is definitely my favourite period, some serious story-lines seem to happen there.
  6. Only watchable mania divas matches were Trish Stratus or Lita vs [Insert useless hoe here]. Kharma vs Beth would be nice seeing as they can actually execute moves as well as make the ropes move.
  7. Agree with you completely and don't see any room for debate.
    It's really a shame, the divas roster isn't completely devoid of talent, and it's a shame that they booked it all to hell.

    Bringing back Trish to put Beth over would be a good idea, but despite how strongly she's been booked over the years, we still don't know if Beth Phoenix is worth putting over. She seems really green to me, but it doesn't matter with the incredibly short matches she gets.

    Edit: They can have Miz sympathize with Eve about "Sleeping her way to the top", while the "Most Must-See Champion" can't get a spot at Wrestlemania just one year later... Then have those two in a mixed-tag with Kelly/Ryder.
  8. Beth is one of their best wrestlers Draine. Just doesn't have enough time to showcase it unfortunately.
  9. [yt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIeJMVwdIiU[/yt]

    I agree with Crayo Beth can work.
  10. Eve vs Beth. I swear I saw Beth being face on yesterday's RAW.
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