News Divas Match Finish Did Not Go According to Plan

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dirtsheet, Aug 9, 2015.

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  1. According to Dave Meltzer on the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, the finish of the Divas tag team match on Smackdown this past Friday night did not go according to plan.

    The match was reportedly supposed to go several more minutes, and possibly one more segment. The match ended up finishing, however, with Naomi reversing a small package by Charlotte for the pin fall victory.

    Naomi appeared to be visibly upset after the match was over, a reaction Meltzer criticized Naomi for having since she should have been acting like she was happy that she won the bout.

    Although the match was cut short, the Divas were given ample time on Smackdown, as the bout started as a singles match between Charlotte and Naomi, then was turned into a tag team match. All in all the Divas had about twenty minutes of TV time on the show.

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    So there's no reason why the match was cut short?... Not that it matters a whole lot, divas matches are known for getting cut short.
  3. I did not watch SmackDown, but if Meltzer said it, then it must be true. lol
  4. Not that I saw any of it anyway because it's Smackdown, but if the entire Divas segment still ended up comprising of one-third or one-fourth of the overall show, it doesn't sound like much a problem in my eyes. I get why performers would feel irritated or pissed when their match is suddenly cut short, but still.
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