Divas match was bullshit

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  1. Eve as new divas champion is bullshit shes clearly been kissing ass backstage for this third title reign but shes so boring and she didnt get any reaction during the match or when she won. Please god WWE bring back Kelly Kelly right now and give her the divas title she is the diva that got the most reaction when she was champion even the crowd last night were chanting for Kelly Kelly that says it all
  2. Eve as new divas champion is bullshit


    And I slightly agree, Eve barely did matches, and she is going to be taking time off most likely, I don't think she should have got the championship. Although everything else is completely false.
  3. Eve as new divas champion is bullshit

    Why should Kelly be brought back? She contributed nothing for the product what so ever? Her public appearances where some of the least visited by fans.

    Eve gets them mainstream exposure, she just won a new popular reality series called Stars earn stripes giving the entire winnings to charity. She is also marrying a in sports circles famous martial artist.

    Eve works hard for what she gets. Kelly has probably not worked a hard day in her life considering the bad shape she is in for a professional wrestler.

    Stop throwing blame around BLFFL because your favorite diva isn't wanted or needed anymore. You are only making yourself look immature and I am not saying this to be mean.
  4. Kelly Kelly has provided the most exposure for WWE with all her appearances in and out of WWE not Eve. Kelly Kelly is the only diva the fans give a damn about
  5. The fans don't give a single damn about Kelly. Her appearances draw nearly no people at all whilst Eve's are pretty well visited. Eve draw's mainstream media whilst Kelly does not. If she did she would have found mainstream media work outside of the WWE by now. The Bella's work for MTV, Kelly couldn't even snag a job there.

    Kelly is quite frankly not needed. Eve is a hot commodity among the divas, so are AJ, Kaitlyn and Layla. The fans have forgotten Kelly. I re watched the divas match from night of champions and they weren't chanting for Kelly so stop lying.
  6. Provide me a segment of when Ron says damn when Kelly Kelly is around then. And no, no one gets excited for her. Most fans don't care about divas, much less Kelly Kelly. She doesn't have a decent move set nor had anything great. She's lazy in ring since she doesn't practice enough and it shows off when she botches.
  7. Are you kidding me? It was the most awesome divas match in a while!

    An entire WWE crowd singing El Generico's theme > Kelly Kelly

    It was taken off Youtube. #Don'tVoteForLinda
    She was at the little Royal Rumble lottery thing, talking about "the biggest balls she's ever seen"
  8. Nope your theory is incorrect.

    Paige is in my signature therefore meaning I give a damn about her. I also like A.J Lee at times.
  9. ^Despite the NXT crowd having about 100 people in it, Paige gets way more crowd reaction than any diva on the main roster.
  10. How did I know this was by BLF4L?
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  11. Eve is all over mainstream media atm. That's why she has the belt.
  12. What's that TV show they keep bangin' on about?
  13. Agreed with Stopspot.

    Eve is doing a lot of non-filmed business appearances, meetings, etc. She is not ''just a wrestler'' like Kelly is.
    And indeed, won a show, married Rener Gracie.
  14. It's stupid to say Kelly is "just a wrestler". BLFFL is absolutely right, Kelly Kelly is involved in a lot outside of WWE and is recognised for it. Just Eve at the moment is in a TV show -- quite a popular one -- and they want the title on her. Where as Kelly is doing fuck all at the moment.
  15. Diddly Daddly Doo
  16. Agreed and disagreed.

    I think I was a little caught up in the moment, excuse me for that. But Eve is (in my eyes) way more connected with WWE for business things, because she's damn smart.

    Kelly is purely doing appearances for photo's, autographs and just showing herself there, nothing more.

    In a business way? I'd pick Eve over Kelly 100%, purely looking at what's good for business. What I said, she is smart, knows her job, and does it perfectly.
  17. The finale of that "Stars Earn Stripes" got a 0.9 rating. (Source: http://www.thetvratings.com/2012/09/monday-september-3-2012.html)

    It comes on against Raw though, appealing to a different demographic, so it probably didn't help anything at all. To her defense, sticking Eve on a TV talk show is probably a much better idea than K2. She's just got more personality.
  18. Of course it helped her lol...

    There was numerous reports (from other sources other than Meltzer too) that WWE wanted her to have the strap. Didn't Kaitlyn win via botch too?
  19. :true:
  20. They say Kaitlyn won via a botch, but why would you go for the same spot twice? :lol1:
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