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  1. So, Hubby and I were talking. We have been playing WWE 12 on Wii and I had a complaint that there are so few Divas...and not just in the game, but in WWE in general. I mean, last time I got to watch a show on cable, weren't there way more Knockouts on TNA than Divas on WWE?

    ANYWAY, I remember that Kharma was the big deal for the Divas last year [give or take]. I was so excited to see her coming in. We were wondering if she would be in WWE 12 since she's on the roster...but due to her being pregnant, she only made like...what...3 appearances. I think it was 2 before she left due to pregnancy and once after having her baby.

    Around the same time, the Divas of Doom [Natalya and Beth Phoenix] were making a big rise to rebel against the annoyance of girly girl wrestlers. So, I was wondering, do you think Kharma was originally meant to be a member of the Divas of Doom? She's certainly not a girly girl sort of wrestler. However, with her maternity leave/leave of absence right after her debut, it seems to have left Natalya and Beth Phoenix carrying that role as a duo instead of a trio.

    What does everyone think?
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  2. I agree with you! What a nice thought...
  3. If you didn't already know, Kharma has been released by the WWE sadly. I think she definitely would have been the top woman on the roster and I wouldnt be surprised if she went for the WHC title at some point.
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  4. She knows about that! Read what she said again. XDD
  5. She mentioned her maternity leave and leave of absence after the issues with her baby :finger: didn't specifically mention being released/fired
  6. "once after having her baby."
  7. she was talking about 3 appearances she made

    why dont we let them answer it then..

    did you know Kharma was released and if so, were you meaning to make that knowledge apparent in your post?

    :finger: </3 hannah
  9. I don't think so. Kharma is way different than Beth and Nattie, they stood for the pin-up style. Kharma's character was monster based.
  10. I think Kharma was definitely on the same wavelength character-wise as Beth and Natalya. They were all rebelling against the "Barbie doll" nature of a lot of WWE Divas (remember, the first promos for her debut included a barbie doll in them). At the same time, Beth and Nat both called Kelly and some of the others "Barbie", which does suggest to me some level of cooperation. I could see Kharma, Beth, and Nat being some kind of team, leading to a breakup angle and a feud between the 3 for the Divas Championship.

    When Kharma had to leave due to pregnancy and then was released after her attempted return, that seems to have submarined the whole angle, but at least Nat has gas.

  11. I actually was not aware she was released from WWE all together. I just thought she was taking more time for her baby. Pity really. We were really looking forward to seeing more of her. She hasn't tweeted much these days either, which is also kind of a bummer. But, motherhood is a busy business ^-^

    Was her release due to this or due to something else?
  12. OK Vince wins! :((

    Umm... No reason was published, but speculations are because she doesn't fit in the "Divas" picture.

  13. i think it was because of 'weight issues' and that she was lazy in the gym
  14. They've had other heavy wrestlers...and I figure she may also be heavier due to JUST HAVING A BABY! Sheesh. The Divas are becoming so insanely boring to watch, IMO. It's the same...what 4 or 5 girls. Heck, a couple years ago, it seemed like the Diva matches only lasted 2 or 3 minutes while the men were switching out.

    I read somewhere that WWE has been wanting the girls to be girly girls...more prissy and less like WRESTLERS but more like cheerleader type wrestlers. Not in those exact words, but that was the idea I got from what I read.

    Frankly, if women's wrestling becomes just a froo froo tub of bullcrap instead of WRESTLING, then I'd rather be done with all of it. Women can fight and can hold their own. Divas of Doom were a good example. The girls are tough...why keep them down? I think WWE needs to utilize more female wrestlers...and not just those that look like Kelly Kelly. I want to see more Divas that look like ME...not twiggy girls, but muscular or chunky wrestlers...like the male counterparts. If women can do the sport...let them DO THE SPORT.
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  16. I don't think WWE wants to market actual wrestlers in the female division, they want them to look girly and act like that in the ring, yes. Too bad that DoD went under and so did Kharma, I do believe that everything would end up in a triple threat with them for the Divas title, it'd be nice to watch.
  17. Indeed. It's a pity. I think a new brand should be made of just women's wrestling entertainment. I'm sure there would be a lot of very interesting female wrestling characters ranging from the froofy Kelly Kelly type to the larger beautiful but badass Kharma, the sophisticated and muscular Natalya and Beth Phoenix...and hell, even the REALLY fun characters like TNA's ODB. Man, SHE was a fun looking character.
  18. agreeeeeeeed! :emoji_slight_smile:) I love ODB too.
  19. I don't think that would bring in much audience at all, sadly.
  20. Women + pervy men says hi.
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