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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Saylor, May 1, 2012.

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  1. I've been saying this ever since the forum kicked off with activity. I was told that once we start to get more activity and more diva discussions we'd have a very own section for Diva's. I think now's the best time to add a 'Women of Wrestling' section to the site. The following reasons why I think this should be added:

    • - This would be a main attraction for non-registered members of this site. This will bring in more attractions resulting in more traffic and sign-ups as people would want to see images of Diva's and see the discussions that are taking place of certain diva's.
    • - It will help organize the sections at the slightest to say the least. This means the people who don't want to read about or encounter diva related discussions won't have to as they won't be scattered around the main sections of the forum.
    • - It would make things a whole lot clear and would just make it easier for users like myself to have serious discussions of Diva's and for us to be able to share suitable images for one another regarding Diva's.
    • - We can have diva scenario's in that section. We can't really have them in the main sections as we intend to focus more on the male side of wrestling. Once we have a diva's sections we have have further discussions into what we'd like to see on the Diva's roster, etc.
    • - This will help bring more Diva relation discussions and activity in as people would talk about the Diva's if there's a section assigned to it. Like the tag-team championships, no-one gives a damn about it since they're not aired or publicized. So, what I'm getting at if there's a section for the Diva's people would actually pay attention to posting about it atleast as they know there's something related to it.

    Although it may not be the best idea as WWE themselves don't give a damn about the Diva's so why should we? But it's something I feel we should add now as I've waited this for a long time and I feel that it's the right time to add it - with the reasons supplied above.
  2. A subsection would be better imo, in General WWE. Them having their own section would result in too many pic threads where fellow nerds would be acting like this :


    I can't see them being a reason for people to sign up tbh, so I disagree it needs it's own section but a sub section would be cool.
  3. There's still not enough content. 90% of the users here hate divas and converse about them in a non-serious manner. I think the section would basically depend on users like you. If you went on holiday or didn't come on for a month, the section would die. Our wrestling sections won't, as there's lots of users who go in there wanting to talk about it. Also, it won't supply any extra traffic than we get now. Our site isn't focused around divas.

    I'll leave this open as I'm interested in the replies we get.
  4. That's a good objection. I understand the hate for the Diva's, but whether we like it or not the Diva's are a still part of wrestling thus meaning the Diva's should have something to do with the site. Alright, fair enough the site isn't based around the Diva's but I feel that we could have say 10% that do care about the diva's on this forum have their own little place where they can discuss diva's. This could lead onto attracting more people into discussing the diva's, if you get where I'm coming from.
  5. It would probably just end up with 99% of the threads being about a new photo shoot or something similar and nothing about the current happenings of the divas division (zomg, big roll up victory for ::insert diva here::emoji_slight_smile:

    It might get us a few google hits, but not from the type of users we would want. It would probably be 12 year old boys searching 'ZOMG HAWT DIVAS PHOTOS KELLY KELLY [email protected]'
  6. I'm with Saylor.
  7. I understand where you're coming from, believe me. But it seriously would just turn into a section where user X posts the latest photo shoot and we all reply with a out of 10 rating. That's what the section has turned to on numerous other sites - I don't think we'd be too different.

    So remind me, how did you find the site again? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  8. Eve was interesting 4 a bit, but unless these girls r fighting over a man no will care. I loved how Trish manipulated her way between Y2J and Christian a few years back. Things like that will get ppl talking I think
  9. You won't need the divas section once you get the Legends section. :true:
  10. Sounds like fun. I want Legend now however I don't have the money. :haha:
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